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Vietnam - Go Forward Language School

Build relationships through language with children and adults that cause individuals to want to know more about Christianity.

The Center of Influence in Hanoi is just getting started. Hanoi is a city of 9 million individuals and we are seeking to establish a language and music school. We are looking for native English speakers to teach English and individuals with music capabilities to start a music program. 

More Info
  • Average Fundraising Goal: Prices may vary. ~$3,500 
  • Timeline: Begins in late July/early August. Full year preferred.
  • Location: Hanoi, Vietnam is lacated in the northern part of Vietnam. It claims to have all 4 seasons with the cold winter months getting down in the 50s and the hot summer months over 100 degrees. Hanoi has a population of over 9 million. The Language Center is located on the southwest side of town. Currently it doesn’t feel like it is in the middle of such a metropolitan city, but the city is moving this direction. Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: The language center will provide an apartment for 3-4 missionaries to live together, eat together, and have worship together. The apartment is like a family apartment, 2-3 bedroom with each bedroom possibly shared and with one to two restrooms per apartment and a common kitchen to be shared by all.
  • Language: English is the primary language spoken at the language center, but the entire culture will be speaking Vietnamese. We encourage our teachers to learn some Vietnamese for shopping and taking care of immediate needs. However, only English is required.
  • Food: Food is whatever you want to cook. Most kitchens do not have ovens, but only stovetops. There are plenty of fruits, grains, nuts, tofu, legumes and rice available for consumption. There are several vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city of 9 million Hanoi also has restaurants of every kind including Pizza Hut and McDonalds (no Taco Bell, but there are a few Mexican restaurants)
  • Requirements: Will need to obtain a business visa upon entering, needs to have a college degree with some teaching experience. 
Position Info
  • Position 1 – English teacher – teach English to children or adults 4 evenings per week. Currently we are using the National Geographic curriculum for teaching English. This adds to the possibility of other types of conversations to be started. Teachers put together their own style of teaching and cover the appropriate material in the given time.
  • Position 2 – Music / English teacher - For teaching music, the teacher will need to recruit their own students and help put together a music program since it doesn't yet exist. We have the dream of having a bell choir or someone that can teach several instruments and get a band/symphony started. It would also be nice to have a choral group. If we cannot find enough music students to keep the teacher busy the teacher may also need to teach some English classes.


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Teacher-student interaction
Language school building
Evening cooking class
Go Forward Language School

Interested in Vietnam?

Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.