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We are on a mission to support refugee youth in Rwanda by empowering them through Christian education and life-skills training.

Impact Hope aims to improve opportunities for Congolese refugee students in some of the world’s poorest communities-refugee camps by funding holistic, long-term educational and vocational programs that can create
substantial, lasting change. 

Impact Hope formed to enable sponsorship for vulnerable refugee students, sending them to Adventist boarding
schools. There they can enjoy better living conditions, quality education, and an opportunity to learn more about God and His loving plan for them. There are many Adventist boarding schools in Rwanda that Impact Hope sends its students to. Gahogo Adventist Academy will be the location where Student Missionaries live and work. The academy currently has 746 students and 285 are Impact Hope sponsored students.

More Info
  • Average Fundraising Goal: Prices may vary. See student missions office.
  • Timeline: Full year position. School runs from September-May/June. SMs should arrive in late August/early September and plan to stay through the end of the school year.
  • Location: Gahogo Adventist Academy is located in Gitarama, (Mahanga District) Rwanda about 1.5 hours SW from the capital city of Kigali. Rwanda is called the “Land of a Thousand Hills”. Its landscape is lush and green with rolling hills and mountains. Since Rwanda lies near the equator, the temperatures stay between 60-80 degrees all year. The safari game reserve in the east has a more dry-arid climate, while the climate in the north mountains is cooler.
  • Living Accommodations: SM’s are hosted at the academy on the school grounds.
  • Language: It's recommended to speak English to the students so they can learn. However, their native language is Kinyarwandan and the students love talking and teaching it to you. It will be helpful to learn some basic Kinyarwandan to communicate with locals.
  • Food: Some meals may be provided at the school and cooking meals in your living space is recommended. Small kitchen supplies will be provided. The Rwandan diet consists mainly of sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, millet, plantains, cassava, and fruit.
  • Internet Access: Available on campus for staff, signal is not always reliable. WiFi can also be found in town during a day off. Getting a cellphone SIM card is necessary for communicating among volunteers & staff and will allow data for daily use to be purchased at a low price.
  • Requirements: Temporary Resident Permit - This permit is issued to a student of a recognized institution of higher learning working during a break in schooling or a student who has just completed studying
Position Info
  • Teacher/Videographer for Impact Hope – Teaching English as a Second Language/English Conversation in a high school setting. Taking photos and videos with professional equipment. Other skills such as music, physical education, etc. are appreciated!
  • Teacher/Journalism writing student stories for Impact Hope – Teaching English as a Second Language/English Conversation in a high school setting. Other skills such as music, physical education, etc. are appreciated!


"Rolling hills" of Rwanda
"Rolling hills" of Rwanda
A class photo outside
'20 Senior class of Gahogo Adventist Academy
Looking up at the campus
Looking up at the campus
Students of Gahogo
Students of Gahogo

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Interested in Rwanda?

Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.