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Transition and Support Program

DSS Exemption -Single Room Occupancy

To process a request for a DSS single-room exemption, students should submit detailed documentation from a qualified and licensed mental health professional.

Documentation must meet the following criteria:
  1. Is on professional letterhead.
  2. Is signed and dated by the diagnosing professional.
  3. Contains current and valid state licensure information.
  4. Is from a professional located near your permanent residence or Southern Adventist University campus.
  5. Indicates the length of time you have been in treatment for the diagnosed disability.
  6. Provide documentation that shows a single room is needed and recommended as treatment in the plan of care for the disability mentioned above.
  7. Confirm student has completed a minimum of five (5) documented appointments with your mental health provider, over no less than three (3) months before submitting a request for a single room.
  8. Explain the specific symptoms that will be reduced by having a single room
  9. Describe the significance a single room will have on the overall well-being while living in student housing.