SAU's Teaching Materials Center (TMC) provides students, faculty, and community members with one of the most comprehensive collections of teaching resources in Southeast Tennessee.

The TMC houses more than 15,000 curriculum guides, textbooks, teachers' resources, literature for children and young adults, VHS and DVD videos, CDs, educational games and activities, as well as many artifacts from around the world. Journals and magazines about teaching are available for reference. Patrons can borrow posters and pictures from the TMC's bulletin board files or cut shapes and letters with dies from a large collection of die cuts. The TMC's work center makes preparing bulletin boards and other teaching materials easy.

Designed to foster imaginative teaching, the TMC offers curriculum materials, teaching aids, and creative ideas to undergraduate and graduate students, private or public school teachers, homeschooling parents, and Bible class teachers.

Visit us today and see how you can become a community member.