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We are here to serve you while you are a student at Southern Adventist University. If you have questions concerning your health, please contact us or come to the University Health Center.

Student Health Forms are available on our forms page.


For any perceived life- or limb-threatening emergency, on or off campus, emergency services should be activated immediately by calling 911. Emergency care should NEVER be delayed due to being unable to reach the UHC.

The University Health Center is open to:

  • All current students of Southern Adventist University (Southern) regardless of the type of insurance coverage
  • Dependents of students, ages 10 and older, if they are covered by the university student health insurance
  • All employees and dependents of Southern who are covered by Adventist Risk Management (ARM)
  • Employees, on a cash basis, who are not covered by ARM

The UHC does NOT see children below 10 years of age.
The UHC provides medical services for primary and acute/sub-acute conditions, illnesses, and injuries rather than comprehensive medical care for major problems. Chronic health conditions may be managed by the student’s primary care physician, and the UHC will work closely with the primary care physician while the student is at Southern. The UHC does NOT take the place of the employee’s primary care physician.