February 2012

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  • March 2-11: Spring break
  • March 17: SA Talent Show, 8 p.m., Iles P.E. Center
  • March 18: Legacy Society Banquet. Click here for more information
  • March 25: Southern Adventure Race, 7:30 a.m., Outdoor Education Center
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"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."

-Lao Tzu

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Southern Made the News!

Southern placed third for colleges fundraising in the Tennessee area according to the Council for Aid to Education.

Southern wouldn't have made it if it weren't for the continued support of generous donors. 

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Empowered by Wellness

Southern is enthusiastic about hosting its first Wellness Summit on June 10-11 at the Hulsey Wellness Center. With increasing national interest in wellness, lifestyle and the impact it has on our day to day living, Southern is embracing the opportunity to share many interesting and informative topics.

Neil Nedley, Ph. D, is presenting "The Lost Art of Thinking," on Sunday at 7 p.m.

Mike Huckabee is presenting "A Journey of Wellness," on Monday at 7 p.m.

Watch for more details about the presenters, exhibits and round table discussion topics that will be a part of this summit. Save the date! 



SimMan Birthday Bash

By Abraham Velazquez

On January 19, the School of Nursing held a departmental convocation in Lynwood Hall to celebrate SimMan's birthday. There were even balloons and birthday cake.

SimMan is a mannequin that simulates real-life scenarios for the nursing students to gain hands-on experience. The SimMan patient allows students to test their abilities through a simulated experience.
During the celebration students were reminded of the importance of a giving spirit. In her welcoming remarks, Barbara James ('75), dean of the School of Nursing, told students of the donors that have helped make their experiences with SimMan possible and encouraged students to not only be recipients, but also benefactors of these type of gifts.Currently, 21 nursing students have given to the SimMan birthday present totaling $170.

Students gain a rich experience in their learning because of the gifts that help make this possible.

Add your gift to the birthday present for SimMan! 

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Raising Money for History

By Courtney Beckwith

Southern history professors and students are working together to raise $25,000 in two months for the Floyd Greenleaf Travel Research Endowment Fund. This fund will allow students to complete original Civil War research for their baccalaureate thesis.

Professor Floyd Greenleaf ('55), former chair of the History Department and vice president for Academic Administration worked for Southern for more than 30 years before retiring. He donated money towards this grant and set the ball in motion.

This fund will enable students to travel to archives and conferences as well as purchase materials that they wouldn't have the money for otherwise. "It's a great idea," said Jason Dedeker, a senior history and pre-med major. "What we have on campus is primary and secondary works from the Civil War, but this grant will allow students to research more deeply into their topics."

This story was reprinted from The Southern Accent

Help make a difference:

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Southern 6 Trail Race

By Mallory Mixon

The fourth annual Southern 6 Trail Race continued as planned on February 19 with over 200 students and community members experiencing an extra challenge by running through rain and mud on Southern's slick Biology Trail.


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Ask the Attorney

Bring your lunch and join a licensed estate planning attorney from noon to 1 p.m. in Southern's Presidential Banquet Room to learn more about wills, trusts, beneficiary designations and the powers of an attorney.
This event is March 14 - April 4 with weekly presentations each Wednesday. After the presentations there will be time for questions. This series is FREE, so don't miss the opportunity to learn about wills, trusts and beneficiary designations! 

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