Support Your Passion

During our time here, Southern had become our home. A place that has encouraged us to follow our calling, create lifelong friends, and grow closer to God. Along the way, there were so many who helped make our journey possible. Now it’s our turn.

It's a tradition for the graduates to make a gift back to the university. Together we have an opportunity to better our alma mater and make it possible for future generations of Southern students to attend this university. 

Student sitting outside McKee Library

Why give back?

Think about your time at Southern. Studying abroad or serving as a student missionary, catching up with friends at KR’s, intense intramural games, late night study groups, S.A. sponsored events... Got it?

Now take all those memories and take away 20 percent. Your tuition only covered 80 percent of your Southern experience. Scholarships, the Hulsey Wellness Center, Student Missions, and so much more is made possible because generous alumni give back every year with gifts of $5 to $5,000. 

Students on the promenade

Where to Give

 It's your choice! Direct your $20.24 to an area on campus that made a difference in your life. Anything from student scholarships, academic areas, student missions, or campus ministries.

Below are some suggestions of where you can direct your gift. 

1Student Scholarships

Each year students receive a scholarship package or department grants as part of their financial aid package. The majority of these funds are made possible because alumni give back to support scholarships. Without these gifts, hundreds of students would not be able to attend Southern every year. 

Journalism students speaking in class

2Academic Areas

Guest speakers, subsidized student conferences and other department off-campus sponsored trips, annual welcome back parties. These "extra" expenses are covered by donations directed to academic areas. A gift to your department will honor your professors and increase their ability to help more students studying in your field.

People speaking to each other outside

3Your Choice

Southern has hundreds of areas that you can support. Campus Ministries. The Food Pantry. One of the missions programs at Southern. A specific scholarship that you received. Your choices are endless (well, almost!). 

LAC Night Out

When You GIVE

Graduation Zipper Pull MedallionWhen you give at least $20.24 in honor of your graduation year to support your class gift, you'll receive a zipper pull medallion to wear with your graduation regalia.