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Registration Schedule

Summer 2014

 Session 1  

 Session 2  

 Session 3
(Smart Start)

   Registration for all students

   Registration for all students

   Registration for all students

   March 25–May 7, 2014 

   March 25–June 4, 2014 

   Nov. 4, 2013–July 30, 2014 

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Schedule     Cart

Schedule     Cart

Fall 2014


   Current graduate students

   Current seniors

   Current juniors

   Current sophomores

   Other current students

   New, transfer, and current students

   March 25–May 31, 2013 

   March 25–May 31, 2013 

   March 27–May 31, 2013 

   March 31–May 31, 2013

   April 2–May 31, 2013

   June 2–August 29, 2013 

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Note: You can add courses to your cart before registration begins.  However, you must go back and register for those courses during the registration periods listed above or the courses will be lost.

Plan to work? Be sure to consider work schedule when choosing classes. Most employers are looking for students with at least three or four hour blocks within the normal work day in which they can commit to work.


New Students:

To register for classes you must complete the following steps: 

  1. After applying to Southern you must be accepted as a student. 
  2. Set up an Access Southern account. (You will need your ID number from your acceptance letter)
  3. Complete your Commitment Deposit and mail your $250 check to
    P.O. Box 370
    Collegedale, TN 37315.
  4. Visit the First Year Advising page to learn what classes to take.

Academic Tools

Need Help with Registration?

Technical Support is available at 1.888.309.2471 
  • Monday through Thursday 8-5 p.m. eastern
  • Friday 8-noon eastern

You can view a brief tutorial video here