Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

At Southern Adventist University we understand that the cost of a good education is an important consideration for students and their parents. College is a big investment! We’ll show you how to make it affordable. We’re confident the value of your Southern experience will far outweigh the costs—you’ll gain knowledge, relationships, and skills here that you’ll treasure the rest of your life.

Why Southern?

Your Passion, God's Purpose

Southern is a place where you can develop your innate talents, passions, and personality into a career and life filled with God’s purpose. It brings together what God has placed deep within you, your own path of discovery, and His plan for you.

Community and Mentorship

At Southern you’ll make connections you’ll keep for life. You’ll make friends with students who share similar backgrounds and beliefs. The professors will actually know your name and care about you as a person. You can even work on campus with a supervisor who truly cares about you.


As one of the most ethnically diverse colleges in the region, at Southern you will engage with other cultures and perspectives that help you grow and prepare to thrive in any setting. Research shows that by engaging with people who are different from you, you become more creative and have better problem solving and decision-making skills.

Academic Excellence

Southern has been listed in US News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” for many years and is committed to providing you with
 a high-quality education, no matter which major you choose.

Spiritual Life

Each of us is on a spiritual journey, and wherever you are on that path, you are welcome at Southern. Ask the hard questions, get involved in a small group, and see where God leads you. As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, we incorporate spirituality into every aspect of campus life, inviting God to be present and active in our lives. Southern also promotes high moral values and a healthy lifestyle, facilitating a positive environment for learning and development.

We Want You!

Ultimately, it is students like you who make Southern awesome. You are unique, with a special blend of skills, passions, and personality unlike anyone else, and we hope you will join our Southern family!


A few other things

  • Central location: outdoor adventures, restaurants, shopping, and much more
  • 30+ Seventh-day Adventist churches nearby
  • Free tutoring, counseling, tech support, and more
  • 40 miles of hiking and biking trails on campus
  • Many mission and service opportunities
  • 40+ student-run clubs
  • State of the art fitness Center

Alumni Testimonial

"My college experience was worth every penny. I cannot begin to describe how valuable my time at Southern was. The lessons I learned, the relationships I made, and the skills I acquired will continue to be immensely valuable as I take on life's journey."
– Rhidge Garcia, '19

We're Committed to Your Success

Student Services

Our team is here to connect your college experience to a rewarding and fulfilling career. We provide help with career services, counseling, disability support, and more at no extra cost to you.


This is How the Cost Works

Below is the typical out-of-pocket amount that our students pay. Depending on your financial situation you may end up paying less or more, but this is what the average student pays to attend Southern.

Typical out-of-pocket

$9,920 / year

The estimated list price to attend Southern for a year is $36,200, but most students pay less out-of-pocket thanks to scholarships and grants.

Sample yearly cost for 2024-2025
Residence Hall Student
Community Student
Undergraduate Tuition (12-16 hours)
General Fee
Residence Hall Rent
Estimated Food Allowance*

Tuition for less than 12 hours is $1090 per credit hour. Tuition for each credit hour over 16 semester hours is $830. Summer tuition is $830 per credit hour. Summer rates begin May 1.

*Additional plan options available at
With a full load, plan for books and supplies to cost an estimated $1,100.

  • Tuition and fees at Southern cost 39% less than the national average for private colleges and universities.
  • During 2022-2023, Southern’s tuition and fees were $23,870, nearly $5,000 less compared to the average yearly tuition and fees of other Adventist colleges in the United States, which was $28,558.
  • During 2022-2023, Southern’s overall cost of attendance for on-campus residential students was $31,880 while the average yearly cost of attendance for Adventist colleges in the United States was $37,075.

How do I know what my cost will be?
Below is a description of what most students receive in aid. To get a better idea of what your cost might be, check out our Cost Calculator.

Take the list price and subtract aid and loans to get your out-of-pocket cost.

List Price

Does not include textbooks, travel, or healthcare

$36,200 /year


Free Financial Aid

Includes scholarships, grants, and gifts.

– $15,890 /yearOn Average

Working on Campus

– $2,500 /year

Working on campus can help your grades and kickstart your career.


– $7,890 /yearOn Average

You and your parents may qualify, but we recommend making it a last resort.

Typical Remaining Out-of-Pocket for Freshmen

= $9,920 /year

Your cost may be different. Use our cost calculator to get a custom quote.

Southern offers two payment plan options:

Payment Plan



4 Month

Payments due August 24 – November 24

Payments due January 24 – April 24

5 Month

Payments due August 24 – December 24

Payments due January 24 – May 24

Sign up here:

Signing up for a payment plan is easy! Students automatically have access to the TouchNet payment portal with their Southern username/password. Just log in and choose the best payment plan for you.

Parents or guardians must first be added (by the student) as an Authorized User in order to have access to TouchNet. Students, please sign in to TouchNet and click on the Authorized User tab on the right side of the page.

This team of problem solvers is ready to help students find solutions and make paying for college as easy as possible.