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Standards of Practice

The University Health Center (UHC) is under the supervision of a physician. A nurse practitioner/physician assistant works regular office hours and the physician will see students at the UHC at pre-arranged times. Registered nurses also work regular office hours.


Students have access to nurse advice and health information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by dialing 877-643-5130, the Collegiate Assistance Program, also known as Ask-a-Nurse.  This program is staffed by registered nurses and licensed clinicians, who can help students determine whether they need to seek medical care or need to talk to someone about the common stresses of life.


  • For students living in the dorm, transportation to the UHC can be arranged by calling the dean on duty.
  • Transportation to local doctor’s offices during regular working hours can be arranged if needed by Transportation Services. To access this service, the student needs to call Transportation Services.
  • Evening or night transportation to local emergency rooms can be provided by the dorm dean. To access this service, the student needs to call the dean on duty.


For any perceived life- or limb-threatening emergency, on or off campus, emergency services should be activated immediately by calling 911.

Emergency care should NEVER be delayed due to being unable to reach the UHC.

The University Health Center is open to:

  • All current students of Southern Adventist University (SAU) regardless of the type of insurance coverage
  • Dependents of students, ages 10 and older, if they are covered by the university student health insurance
  • All employees and dependents of SAU who are covered by Adventist Risk Management (ARM)
  • Employees, on a cash basis, who are not covered by ARM

The UHC does NOT see children below 10 years of age.

The UHC provides medical services for primary and acute/sub-acute conditions, illnesses, and injuries rather than comprehensive medical care for major problems. Chronic health conditions may be managed by the student’s primary care physician, and the UHC will work closely with the primary care physician while the student is at SAU. The UHC does NOT take the place of the employee’s primary care physician.

The University Health Center is available for:

  • Acute care
  • Minor Illnesses
  • Minor injuries
  • Immunizations
  • Physicals and GYN exams
  • Lab tests – office and send-out tests
  • Workers' Comp
  • Limited screening for depression & anxiety
  • Allergy injections


Immunization Requirements

  • PPD (TB) Skin Test – Must be done within the last 6 months from the start of school. If positive, must attach a copy of a chest x-ray done within the last 5 years.
  • Two MMRs (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) -- After 12 months of age for students born after 1956 or attach lab copy of blood tests showing immunity for all three diseases.
  • Hepatitis B (Series of 3) – Student chooses either to be vaccinated or sign a waiver.
  • Meningococcal Meningitis – Student chooses either to be vaccinated or sign a waiver.
  • Two Varicella (Chickenpox) -- For students born after 1980 who do not have a documented history of illness.  Documentation must include dated and signed diagnosis by a health care provider, or record of blood test showing immunity to varicella.

Proof of vaccinations must be provided by submitting a copy of an official immunization record or a form by a medical provider verifying the immunization dates along with physician signature.



Employees -- There is a $10 co-pay each time an employee or dependent is seen at the UHC with no other charges being made. Blood work has a $5 fee. The co-pay is accepted in the form of cash or check or can be deducted from paycheck. No credit/debit cards are accepted at this time. 

Students --  All charges incurred at the UHC will be charged to the student's account. The UHC will submit claims for students using Southern's student insurance. The insurance reimbursement is posted to the student's account when it is received. The UHC is unable to process claims for students with private insurance, so students should plan to file their own insurance. A walk-out statement summarizing fees for services provided is available upon request.


Medical Records

Medical information is strictly confidential and may be released only with the written permission of the patient (or parent or guardian if the patient is under 18). The medical record is not accessible to anyone other than the professional staff of the UHC.

The UHC retains medical records for ten years after last attending the university. Immunization records are kept indefinitely. To request copies of medical and or immunization records, please submit a written request with name, date of birth, last year attended, what records are needed, phone number, fax number, and name of person receiving information, plus your signature.


Due to the concern for privacy and confidentiality for the patients being seen, it is the policy of the UHC not to employ student workers.

Comments or Concerns

The UHC welcomes suggestions for improved patient care. To offer a comment or concern about treatment received, please submit it to our attention. Each member of the staff is a skilled professional concerned with providing quality health care.