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Grading Rubrics

The faculty in the School of Computing have created standardized grading/evaluation rubrics for use on projects, papers, and presentations throughout the curriculum. Currently, standardized rubrics exist for research papers, individual projects, team-based projects, oral presentations, and poster presentations. These rubrics have been designed to emphasize student learning outcomes and can be used in all computing courses. All rubrics use a four-step scale (Excellent, Adequate, Beginning, and Not Yet), and only the EABN scores are used for program assessment. This allows individual course instructors to vary the weighting of each item on the rubrics to arrive at an assignment grade for their course, without affecting the program outcomes assessment. Copies of the rubrics can be downloaded below.

  • Poster Presentations: PDF | Doc
  • Oral Presentations: PDF | Doc
  • Oral Presentation Peer Evaluation Form: PDF | Doc
  • Individual Research/Design Projects: PDF | Doc
  • Team-Based Research/Design Projects: PDF | Doc
  • Peer Evaluation Forms: PDF | Doc
  • Research/Design Paper: PDF | Doc