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ASDAH Schedule

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Registration: 12:00-5:00—Collegedale Church Annex Welcome—1:00-1:10

Registration: 12:00-5:00—Collegedale Church South Atrium

Welcome—1:00-1:10—Dr. Ken Shaw, President Southern Adventist University

Session 1: 1:10-2:40—Collegedale Church

19th Century Adventist Theology (Location: “Serve”)
Chair: Brenden Bliss, Hawaii Pacific University
Hiram Edson: the Man and the Myth

Brian Strayer, Emeritus, Andrews University

NO UNION WITH SLAVEHOLDERS”: A Millerite Contribution to the Abolitionist Movement

                  Kevin Burton, Andrews University

Curating the Past: Libraries, Historians, and the Archive (Location: “Act”)

Chair, Julie-Ann Bocock-Bliss, Hawaii Pacific University
Barbara Stovall, Oakwood University
Katherine Van Arsdale, Andrews University
Stanley Cottrell, Southern Adventist University
Bethany Howard, Southern Adventist University

Break 2:40-3:00 Refreshments—Atrium

Session 2: 3:00—4:30—Collegedale Church South Atrium

Global Adventism (Location: “Serve”)
Chair: John Markovic, Andrews University
Ntonso Notes: A Ghana Historical Spotlight (Valley View University, Retired)

                  Kofi Owusu-Mensa

In The Fullness of Time: An Analysis of The Growth and Decline of The Adventist Mission in China During The Past 120 Years”

                  Bruce Lo, University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire)

Exploring our Global Roots with ESDA

                  Dragoslava Santrac, General Conference, Archives Statistics and Research

Disruptive Theology (Location: “Act”)
Chair: Kevin Burton, Andrews University
Fundamentalists, Presentism, and the Power of Definition

                  Paul McGraw, Hong Kong

The Adventist Sabbath: A Disruptive Force in the American Context

                  Edward Allen, Union College

Dinner: 6:00—Presidential Banquet Room
Welcome—Dr. Robert Young, Academic Vice President

Plenary Lecture 7:00: The Southern Scholars Inaugural McArthur Lecture
Eric Anderson, Pacific Union College
Ackerman Auditorium

Friday, April 14, 2023

Registration: 8:00-12:00—Collegedale Church South Atrium

Session 1: 8:30-10:00—Collegedale Church South Atrium

How (Not) to Study Adventist Women
(Location: “Serve”)
Chair, Joan Francis, Independent Scholar
The Fifty-two Percent Challenge: Women in Adventist Historiography

                  Ashlee Chism, General Conference Archives, Statistics and Research

Messy Women and Messy Histories: Epistemic and Ethical Implications of Gatekeeping HerStory"

                  Lindsay Morton, Pacific Union College

The Challenge of Modernization and Urbanization (Location: “Act”)
Chair: Matthew Lucio, Adventist History Project
Early Adventists and Technological Change”

                  Willy Logan, Pacific Union College

City Missions and Immigrant Politics: the New York City Mission and Tract Society, 1870-1890,

                  Mark Joslin, University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

From SBC to SDA and Back Again: The Curious Odyssey of John A. Brunson

Doug Morgan, Independent Scholar


Break 10:00-10:30—refreshments—Atrium

Session 2: 10:30-12:00
Dramatic Incidents in the Life of Early Modern England  (Location: “Serve”)
Chair: David Trim, General Conference, Archives, Statistics, and Research
Wicked William Whiston

                  Gregory Dodds, Walla Walla University

A Philosophy of Suffering: An Analysis of Early Sixteenth Century Protestant Martyrs in John Foxe’s Actes and Monuments

                  Rachel Clark Byrd, Southern Adventist University

Noli Me Tangere

                  Heidi Olson Campbell, Baylor University

Methods in Local History (Location: “Act”)
Chair: Sabrina Riley, Independent Scholar
Does Collegedale Exist?

                  Mills McArthur, Southern Adventist University

Historical Rhymes in West African Oral History

                  Alexander C. Ugwukah, Babcock University

Recovering the Past at Khirbat al-Balu'a, An Iron Age Moabite City

                  Monique Roddy, Walla Walla University

Lunch 12:00-1:30—Presidential Banquet Room, Wright Hall
Early Career Scholars lunch discussion at designated table(s) hosted by Mills McArthur and Michel Sun Lee

Session 3: 1:30-3:00—Collegedale Church
Engaging Students Through Historical Gaming (Location: “Serve”)
Ben Tyner, Michael Weismeyer, Ed Allen, Phillip Warfield, Elizabeth Anderson Bowser

Women’s Work (Location: “Act”)
Chair, Emily McArthur, Southern Adventist University
Loyalty and Protest: Contrasting Examples of Women in a Gendered Wage System

                  Laura Wibberding, Pacific Union College

Adventist Women Cookie-Makers

                  Kris Erskine, Athens University

SMI Henry and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union

                  Michel Sun Lee, Southern Adventist University

Adventists in World War II (Location: “Grow”)
Chair: Greg Dodds, Walla Walla University
Civilian Public Service and Seventh-day Adventists, 1941-1945.

                  Sabrina Riley, Independent Scholar

Unlikeliest Heroes: Conscientious Objector Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor

                  Howard Munson, Pacific Union College

 Lived Conflict: Japanese-American Adventists during World War II

                  Brenden Bliss, Hawaii Pacific University

Break 3:00-3:30—Collegedale Church South Atrium

Session 4: 3:30-5:00—Reacting to the Past “Chicago: 1968”

Dinner 5:30—Presidential Banquet Room

NAD Roundtable Session: New Methods in Teaching, Research, and Publishing
Michael Campbell, North American Division Archives


7:30 Plenary: The Past and Future of Adventist Historiography
Presidential Banquet Room
David Trim (General Conference), Christie Chow (Princeton Theological Seminaries), Ben Baker, Phillip Warfield (Howard University)

Chair: Lisa Clark Diller, Southern Adventist University

Sabbath, April 15, 2023

9:30—tour at Red Clay State Park with ranger

10:30-12:30 Sabbath School/Church –Amphitheater at Red Clay State Park

Historians, Lament, and Forgiveness
Michel Sun Lee, Seneca Vaught, and Joan Francis


12:30 Sabbath Picnic Lunch

Boxed Lunches Provided by the Academic Administration of SAU


Outings 1:00-4:30

Graysville and Dayton: Adventist and Scopes Trial History
Leaves from Red Clay, led by Michael Campbell

Chickamauga Battlefield and Civil War History
Leaves from Red Clay, led by Michael Weismeyer and local Civil War historian, Ed Lowe

Supper—6pm at Lisa Diller’s house, 2509 Ivy St, Chattanooga

Soup and Salad provided by SAU History and Political Studies Department

Backyard fire plus supper on screened in back porch, so families welcome—plenty of room

Saturday night business meeting—Diller house (those not interested in the business meeting can socialize in back yard during the formal session in Lisa’s living room)