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Internships and Practicum Opportunities


To register for an internship, you must obtain SJC faculty approval before you start working. Submit your internship contract to your academic advisor.


Practicums only need approval between a student and an individual faculty member. Make sure you have given your faculty adviser your signed contract. They in turn will register you for credits this summer. 


Your work experience (internship) over the summer will ONLY be complete if you do the following: Keep a log of your hours Write a reflection paper at the end Submit an Internship Evaluation Form by your work supervisor.

A complete guide to Internships and Practicums is available here.
Information on this page is designed to help you with your internship/practicum search and meeting all requirements to receive full credit for your internship employment. Even though an internship is not required for every SJC major or program, we highly encourage you to have an internship during your junior or senior year either for credit or for expanding your experience.

Why do an internship?
The after-college job market is significantly competitive and every year it becomes harder and harder to stand out. Internships allow for two main things:
  1. For you to learn the industry and put your foot in the door through actual job experience, networking with professionals, building your reputation, and potentially getting an entry-level job or at least developing connections for professional references.
  2. For potential employers to test if you fit the team, save resources on training you, and fill their entry-level positions with people they already know. 
Benefits of Internships
  • Gives you hands-on experience and expands your skills, including soft skills;
  • Allows you to apply your passions and affirm you are on the right career path;
  • Builds your personal and professional confidence;
  • Gives your resume a boost;
  • Offers professional networking opportunities;
  • Grants a good chance of being hired in. According to NACE, the full-time job offer rate is 70% and the acceptance rate is almost 80%.

Internship/Job Postings

Below is a list of current and past internship and practicum opportunities/job descriptions offered to the SJC students by our partners. To see the list of organizations where SJC students have had their internships and practicums, check the Completed Internships List.


Internship statistics

Internship Completion Rates
Intern Job Offers
Median salary of interns