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Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra comprises approximately 70 student musicians who have successfully auditioned and are prepared to perform a broad range of classical and sacred music literature. Most have previous ensemble experience in community groups or from high school.
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Orchestra membership is a year-long commitment, which usually includes six on-campus performances and a couple of concert tours. The orchestra tours internationally every third year.
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Mabel Wood Hall 241, Monday through Thursday, 5:00-6:15 p.m.

Strings: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Winds & Percussion: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Orchestra conductor, Laurie Redmer Cadwallader

Conductor's Philosophy

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"I always find great pleasure in the first rehearsal of my 'new' orchestra every year. I know the challenges and hard work that lie ahead, but I love watching the miracle that occurs every five or six weeks in our rehearsal room. We take music from the dots-on-a-page stage to a full, expression-filled performance every time. That is a miracle!"
-Laurie Redmer Cadwallader

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Learn About the Audition Process

Auditions are held in the fall for a few days prior to the first day of classes. New students are required to audition. Sign-up sheets are posted outside of Mabel Wood Hall 227.

The Process
  • Be warmed up when you walk through the door for your audition.
  • Prepare one three-octave scale of your choice. Play it three or four notes slurred and at a spritely tempo. Winds and brass will be asked to play a chromatic scale also.
  • Prepare two pieces in contrasting styles. Please prepare two completely different pieces—not one piece with contrasting sections.
  • You will be asked to sight-read an excerpt from a piece the orchestra will be playing on the first concert of the season.
Results will be discussed at the end of the audition.
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Find Out Which Class to Register For

Qualifying students register for Symphony Orchestra for one credit. If your registration puts you over 16 credit hours, you may be eligible to register for audit instead of credit.
  • Freshmen and sophomores register for MUPF 138-Symphony Orchestra
  • Juniors and seniors register for MUPF 338-Symphony Orchestra
Cello soloist

Concerto Competition

Compete to perform a solo with the SAU Symphony Orchestra

Concerto Competition
Student instrumentalists from grade eight through undergraduate college/university are invited to compete to perform a concerto movement with the Southern Adventist University Symphony Orchestra on Sunday, February 2, 2025.

Interested students must submit a video recording by October 4, 2024. Selected finalists will compete live on December 1, 2024.

Application and more information here.

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