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BSW Field Practicum


The School of Social Work BSW practicum is designed to provide students with a chance to put into practice the theories and skills they have learned in the classroom. The nature of the field practicum is practice-oriented, builds on skills and theories learned in cognate social work classes, and involves direct contact and intervention with individuals, families, and groups. Students have the opportunity to connect the theory and knowledge they learned in the classroom with actual practice experience. This educational experience is essential to developing the entry-level helping skills required of all undergraduate social work professionals. Only senior social work majors may take the field practicum and must have met the required prerequisites. 

The School of Social Work field education office has over 130 partnering agencies in the Tennessee and Southeast region. Our agency professionals are dedicated to supporting student development and contributing to social work education. There will be no summer field placements.

Director of Field Education

Professor Candy Dolcy, MSW, is responsible for the overall administration, planning, and coordination of field instruction. She provides overall direction for education of students assigned to the different field agencies. In addition, she confirms that students meet required hours. Students work closely with the director of field education to identify placement sites that support the development of their professional role in the social work profession. 

Candy Dolcy can be reached at 423.236.2630 during office hours or by email at candydolcy@southern.edu.