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Attendance Policy

Classroom Attendance Policy. Attendance at class and laboratory appointments is expected. Professors prepare an absence policy for each class, which includes an explanation of penalties, if any, for absences, and the procedure for making up work, if such is allowed. It is the responsibility of professors to publish their policies for each class at the beginning of each semester, but it is the students’ responsibility to familiarize themselves with the practices of each professor from whom they are taking classes. Generally speaking, professors will not excuse absences for reasons other than illness, authorized school trips, or emergencies beyond the students’ control.

Students are not penalized if they incur absences while participating in school-authorized activities, but they are held responsible for work they miss. It is their responsibility to initiate arrangements to make up their assignments. One and one-half absences are given for missing a 75-minute class, two for missing a 100-minute class, etc.

Students who are on conditional standing are not eligible to participate in extra-curricular trips if the trip would require them to miss more than one day of classes per semester.