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Christian Service

The first and most important reason that we should be involved in service is to follow Christ’s example of His ministry and commitment to missions.  Serving is our opportunity to put our faith in action. C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity answers the question, “Which is more important faith or works?” He responds, “…it does seem to me like asking which blade in a pair of scissors is most necessary.” 

Southern offers a plethora of opportunities to both grow your faith and to serve others since both are integral when we are committed Christians.  We are launching graduates all over the world who have an incredible opportunity to serve as disciples and to become disciple-makers.  In some cases, the best avenue to serve as an ambassador for Christ is through our vocations.  This is why it is vital that students not only commit to academic excellence but take advantage of the opportunities to use what they are learning in the classroom to serve others. 

This is why our mantra is that every major has a mission. Join a local project or vision trip and find out for yourself. 

homeless man holding a volunteer's handStudents

We provide service opportunities to each of the vulnerable populations listed in Matthew 25. How can you get involved in these community service and outreach opportunities?

student debating careersStaff

Learn what service-learning is, the graduation requirement, how to incorporate service-learning into your classes, how to partner with us to receive skills-based volunteers.

small child living in material povertyCommunity Partners

Learn about our short-term missions program, why we call our trips "vision trips," how to apply, serve as a sponsor, and request volunteer groups.

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