Microsoft Onedrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a collaboration and online storage platform*.
As an employee and student, your account has 1TB storage.


OneDrive is a storage platform. Your OneDrive account can be accessed by going to and signing in with your account.  Microsoft also provides client apps for all major platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows, and MacOS.  

If you have Microsoft Office or acquire a copy HERE you can sign in through these applications directly to your OneDrive account. Your documents will be saved and sync with OneDrive automatically. 

For detailed information about using OneDrive, please visit the following link:

For soon to be graduates

After a student transitions to strictly a non-student or alum status you will have access to OneDrive for only 30 days after the transition has accord. After 30 days ALL access to OneDrive is automatically revoked. Use this time to verify that all of your documents stored on OneDrive are located on a personal device or other online storage platform.

For example:

If you graduate May 1st, on May 31st your access to OneDrive will be lost. This is irreversible.

*All files edited with, or stored on, the OneDrive platform are subject to the Information Classification Policy.