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Digital Event Sign

Usage Guidelines

Southern’s Digital Event Sign is located on the lawn near the duck pond and is managed by Marketing and University Relations. Requests to have university event content appear on the sign should be made within at least two weeks of the event (more to accommodate longer advertising time).

  • No more than 3-5 different events will rotate at one time.
  • Priority will be given to events focused on the general public (e.g. Wellness Summit, gallery or exhibit openings, lectures open to public, etc.) rather than events focused toward students and/or employees (e.g. Vespers, SA parties and banquets, intramurals research day, etc.).
  • The intended audience; venue reserved; type of message; and total attendees expected will be considered in prioritizing the messages displayed.
  • Minimum and maximum amount of time for the message to be on display will be at the discretion of Marketing and University Relations and determined types of messages vying for space and amount of time given to prepare content for display.
  • The default message when event content may be minimal (e.g. weekends, summer, and holidays) will be to display a general “welcome to campus” or “thank you for visiting campus” message.
  • What will not be permitted:  
    • Personal announcements (e.g. “____, will you marry me?” “Happy Birthday to _____” etc.)
    • Announcements that are not event-related (e.g. Intramural sign up; add or drop deadlines; tuition freedom day; academic programs; student orientations; fund drives; etc.). During seasonal or holiday periods when event content availability may be low, an exception may be made for promoting ongoing campus areas that are open to the public (such as the archaeology museum, origins exhibit, campus trails, wellness center, or library).
    • Photos, illustrations, cartoons, and movies are prohibited unless they are very simple, clean, high quality, and are determined by Marketing and University Relations to not interfere with the readability of any messages.