Typical Timeline

Step 1: Initial Client Contact

To ensure we have a clear understanding of the project you want completed, please be sure to fill out a project request form. The form will automatically be sent to Marketing and University Relations, and we will schedule a preliminary meeting with a project coordinator. This process should be started four to six weeks before the project must be at the press.

Step 2. Preliminary Meeting

Please bring all relevant job materials (e.g., text, photographs, budget allocations, delivery dates, etc.) to this initial meeting. Writing the text is your most lengthy task. We will need at least a strong outline of the text that you plan to use. The Marketing and University Relations staff will be able to assist with editing and proofreading, but the initial text comes from the client. We will explain the authorization and production procedures at this time and will suggest options available to you, which will include project and design parameters.

Step 3. Editing and Designing

A copy editor works with the department/school requesting the job and proofreads and edits the job according to the Associated Press Stylebook, Southern Style, and Southern’s University Visual Identity Guide. A designer works the concept into an appealing layout that is consistent with the university’s marketing theme and visual standards and fulfills the message goals of the project.

Step 4. Copy and Design Approval

After the creative team has prepared an appropriate design, we ask you to review and approve the design piece, which is then completed, proofed again, and returned to you for final approval.

Step 5. Quality Control

After you have approved the text and design, we will do the final review of the job specifications and cost estimate with you. At this time, we will send the job to a vendor for printing. Marketing and University Relations will monitor the job through the printing process.

Step 6. Printing

It should take anywhere from two to three weeks for most printing jobs, including the bindery and/or folding work. The job will be delivered to your office, or special delivery/mailing options can be arranged. Marketing and University Relations will keep several printed finals on file for future reference.

Step 7. Printing Costs

You will be invoiced for the printing and/or mailing costs by the printing vendor. All design fees are absorbed by the Marketing and University Relations office as a service provided by the university to all offices on campus.