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Form Instructions

You need to add/drop a class:

Fill out the Add/Drop Form and have it signed by your professors, adviser, and finance counselor (if applicable).

Add/Drop Form
Change your address or phone number:

Use the Address Change form to update your contact details. If you do not have access to your Southern account you may send an email to addresschange@southern.edu providing your name, ID number, and new address.

Address Change Form
Evaluate your adviser:

Fill out the Academic Advisement Evaluation.

Academic Advisement Evaluation
Releasing Grades to parents/guardians:

If you need to give Southern Adventist University permission to release your grades to your parents or any other person Sign into your portal at myaccess.southern.edu, click on Academics>Academic Profile>Manage Access>Grant or Revoke Access

Knowledge about a class with a examination:

You can demonstrate your knowledge about a class and a test/examination is available. Fill out the Request for Challenge, Waiver, or Validation Examination (PDF) and give it to the department in charge of the class. Note: Please check with the professor of the class first.

Request for Challenge, Waiver, or Validation Examination (PDF)
You need a class that is not being offered:

Note: After obtaining approval from the department/school chairman/dean, return to the Records and Advisement front desk if an instructor, school/department is willing to teach the class

Application for Undergraduate Directed Study (PDF)
You need to withdraw from all classes:

Fill out the Drop All Classes (PDF) form, have it signed, and return it to the Records office.

Drop All Classes (PDF)
Change your major/minor/degree/and more:

You’ve changed your major/minor/degree/professional objective/adviser. Fill out the Request to Change Major/Minor/Adviser form.

Request to Change Major/Minor/Adviser
Unable to finish class due to circumstances:

If extenuating circumstances make it impossible for you to complete a class by end of the semester contact your professor and if they agree to grant you an incomplete, you will have an extra semester to complete the class. Make sure to follow the timeline/schedule in order to meet all requirements.

Your name has changed:

Note: A copy of the legal document to verify the name change must be sent to the Records and Advisement front desk. It can be personally brought to the Front Desk, mailed, or faxed to 423.236.1899.

Request for Change of Legal Name
Exceptions to catalog policy:

Note: Exceptions may also apply to waivers, writing courses, & graduation requirements.

Academic Petition (PDF)
Graduation Contract - Associate Degree:

You are a senior, planning to graduate from Southern Adventist University.

Graduation Contract: Associate Degree (PDF)
Graduation Contract - Baccalaureate Degree:

You are a senior, planning to graduate from Southern Adventist University

Graduation Contract: Baccalaureate Degree (PDF)

You need an official Southern Adventist University transcript.

Southern Adventist University Transcripts
Transcript from other area:

You need to obtain your high school/academy or college/university transcript.

Transcript Request for High School and Off-Campus Undergraduate Transcript (PDF)