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Important Dates

May 3-5 - Graduation Weekend 2019
May 5 at 9:30am - Commencement
May 6 - S19 & S19S1 Classes Begin
May 7 - Winter semester grades due, 5pm
May 8 - Last day to add S19S1 classes
May 9 - Add/Drop Fee for S19S1/W on Transcript
May 14 - Add/Drop Fee for S19/W on Transcript
May 17 - Last day to drop S19S1 classes
May 20 - Last day to add S19 classes (census)
May 31 - 1st Summer Session Ends, S19S1
June 2 - 2nd Summer Session Begins, S19S2
June 5 - Last day to add S19S2 classes
June 6 - Add/Drop Fee for S19S2/W on Transcript