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Welcome to the Records and Advisement Office .  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services to students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. We are open for business from 8:30am to 5:00pm M-Th and from 8:30am - 12:00pm on Fridays.  REMINDER: Please check the course schedule for dates for courses that run less than 16 weeks.

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                     SUMMER 2022 IMPORTANT DATES 


             Summer 2022 JumpStart and SmartStart Dates

July 18-July 22 Course Start and End (4 week)

NOND-103 JumpStart: Academic Success

Last date with no charge: Jul-19-2022

Fee charged: Jul-20-2022

Last day to add: Jul-20-2022

Last day to drop: Aug-02-2022

July 18 – August 18 Course start and End (6 week)

BIOL 101-B Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 101L-B Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory

CHEM 120-A Survey of Health Chemistry

Last date with no charge: Jul-19-2022

Fee charged: Jul-20-2022

Last day to add: Jul-21-2022

Last day to drop: Aug-10-2022

July 25 – August 18 Course Start and End (4 week) 

BUAD 128 Personal Finance
COMM 135 (A,B,BB) Communication and Public Speaking
CPTE 100-A Computing Concepts
ENGL 101 (A, B,BB) Critical Thinking in Academic Reading & Writing I
ENGL 102-B Critical Thinking in Academic Reading & Writing II
MATH 215-A Statistical Skills
PSYC  128-B Developmental Psychology
RELB 125-A Life and Teachings of Jesus
RELT 255-B Christian Beliefs
SOCI 125-A Introduction to Sociology
Last date with no charge: Jul-26-2022

Fee charged: Jul-27-2022

Last day to add: Jul-27-2022

Last day to drop: Aug-09-2022

August 24, 2022 - All Summer grades due by 5:00pm

August 22 - Fall 2022 Semester begins 

Apr 5-May 12 Registration for Summer Session