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Enrichment Credits

Chapels, Vespers, and Convocations are all integral co-curricular parts of attending Southern and are required for all undergraduate students taking 6 hours or more. As such, reductions are rare and for exceptional situations. Please note that reductions are for the overall total, not specific to only cultural credits. 

The following circumstances are situations that might necessitate reductions.


1)     If you are a commuter student that has no classes and no other work/lab/on-campus commitments on Thursdays

2)     Attending nursing clinicals or skills labs during the Convocation hour

3)     Working as a nurse whose shift is regularly scheduled during the Convocation hour or Friday night

4)     Working an on-campus job that cannot close during Convocation or Vespers (examples of such jobs are Food Services student personnel and a number of desk jobs that must remain open 24 hours a day). The question will be asked of work that is occurring during the Thursday 11:00am hour: Is it a job that cannot do without student labor during that period of the day?

To apply for a reduction, click here. A reduction is for one semester only as class and work schedules change by semester. Therefore, you must fill out a reduction form every semester. Please note, petitioning is not a guarantee of approval.

Exempted students: The following populations of students are exempted from earning attendance credits. However, their voluntary attendance at these community-building events are still welcome:

  • Married students
  • Students with children
  • Military veterans
  • Students 23 or older prior to the start of the semester. (If you turn 23 during a semester, please notify the Office of Student Development and your number will be prorated).
  • Students who have already earned 124 academic credit hours
  • Students involved in student teaching
  • Students who are completely online or Consortium students

Required Credits / How and Where to Obtain