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Enrichment Credits

Chapels, Vespers, and Convocations are all integral co-curricular parts of attending Southern and are required for all undergraduate students taking 6 hours or more. As such, reductions are rare and for exceptional situations. 

The following circumstances are situations that might necessitate reductions.


1)     Being a commuter student that has no classes on Thursday

2)     Attending nursing clinicals during the Convocation hour

3)     Working as a nurse whose shift is scheduled during the Convocation hour

4)     Working an on-campus job that cannot close during Convocation or Vespers (examples of such jobs are Food Services student personnel and a number of desk jobs that must remain open 24 hours a day)

If one or more applies to your situation, click here to apply for a reduction. Please note, petitioning is not a guarantee of approval.

CREDIT REQUIREMENTS for fall 2021 Semester
Year Requirements
Fr (0-23 class hours) Residential:  20 enrichment credits / 10 cultural credits = 30 credits total
Community: 12 enrichment credits / 6 cultural credits = 18 credits total
So (24-54 class hours) Residential: 18 enrichment credits / 9 cultural credits = 27 credits total
Community: 10 enrichment credits / 5 cultural credits = 15 credits total
Jr (55-93 class hours) Residential: 16 enrichment credits / 8 cultural credits = 24 credits total 
Community: 8 enrichment credits / 4 cultural credits = 12 credits total 
Sr (94+ class hours) Residential: 14 enrichment credits / 7 cultural credits = 21 credits total
Community: 6 enrichment credits / 4 cultural credits = 10 credits total 
Graduating Sr Residential and Community : Exempt for last semester in which 
graduation of Bachelors occurs

Exempted students: The following populations of students are exempted from earning attendance credits. However, their voluntary attendance at these community-building events are still welcome:

  • Married students
  • Students with children
  • Military veterans
  • Students 23 or older prior to the start of the semester. (If you turn 23 during a semester, please notify the Office of Student Development and your number will be prorated).
  • Students who have already earned 124 academic credit hours
  • Students involved in student teaching
  • Students who are completely online or Consortium students

Severity Result
1st Offense <10 = probation
>10 = probation and $5 per credit missed
2nd Offense <10 = probation and $5 per credit missed
>10 = probation, $5 per credit missed, meet with Vice President
3rd Offense <10 = probation, $5 per credit missed, meet with Vice President
>10 = semester suspension
4th Offense <10 = semester suspension