Schedule of Events*

August 29

David Smith, President of Southern
11a Iles Campus Church

September 5**

11a Iles Various Locations

September 12**

Christine Williamson
11a Iles PE Center

September 19**

Kristin Du Mez
11a Iles PE Center

February 14**

SA Election Speeches
11a Iles PE Center

September 26**

Andrew Collins & Jameel McGee
11a Iles PE Center

October 3**

Luis Martinez-Fernandez
11a Iles PE Center 

October 10

Dean Cullinane
11a Campus Church

October 21**

Andreas Klein
7:30p Ackerman / nominal fee for those without current SAU id

October 24

Michael Campbell
11a Campus Church

October 31

Week of Prayer - Love Reality Tour
11a Campus Church

November 5**

Xavier Foley
7:30p Ackerman / Nominal fee for those without current SAU id

November 7

Melody George
11a Campus Church

November 14

David Ferguson 
11a Campus Church

November 21

Rachel Williams-Smith
11a Campus Church

December 3 (no credit given)

6:30p Iles PE Center 

December 5**

11a Various Locations

**Counts towards Cultural Credits which is 25% of your required Enrichment Credits

Credit Requirements Per Semester*

Fr (0 - 23 class hours) Residential: 60 enrichment credits (15 cultural)
  Community: 40 enrichment credits (10 cultural)
So (24 - 54 class hours) Residential: 55 enrichment credits (14 cultural)
  Community: 36 enrichment credits (9 cultural)
Jr (55 - 93 class hours) Residential: 50 enrichment credits (13 cultural)
  Community: 32 enrichment credits (8 cultural)
Sr (94+ class hours) Residential: 45 enrichment credits (11 cultural)
  Community: 30 enrichment credits (8 cultural)
Graduating Sr (with BS)  20 credits (5 cultural) for last semester in which graduation occurs

* Exempt include: married students, students with children, veterans, students 23 or older (before the start of the semester, pro-rated if turning during the semester), have earned 124+ class hours, online only, student teaching and Consortium.


1st Offense <10 = probation
  >10 = probation and $5 per credit missed
2nd Offense <10 = probation and $5 per credit missed
  >10 = probation, $5 per credit missed, meet with Vice President
3rd Offense <10 = probation, $5 per credit missed, meet with Vice President
  >10 = semester suspension
4th Offense <10 = semester long suspension