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Information for 2022-2023 Student Missionaries

Approved Locations

These locations have been approved by the task force, the borders are currently open to SMs, and the organizations would love to have you.

SMs who wish to serve with Impact Hope will need to be very f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e. You will most likely teach, and use that as an opportunity to get more involved with other aspects of campus life. You will teach Rwandan students and refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Southern has approved this location and the organization would love to have students. For more information about this opportunity and the organization, please click here.

Riverside Farms in Kafue, Zambia has spots open for the 2021-2022 school year. We have SMs who started their service during the pandemic so it is extremely likely that travel will be possible to Zambia. If you are interested please email the Student Missions Office. To learn more about this call please click here.

All domestic calls, including those in Hawaii, are open and available for students to serve at. Find our opportunities page here to see some of our featured domestic calls.

Language schools in South Korea are still accepting volunteers.  Lengths of service vary. You need to have completed a college degree in order to be eligible for this opportunity. For more information please click here.

Located in Cambodia, Salt seeks to reach local people and foreign travelers through a variety of methods. There is an orphanage, a K-12 school, a television studio, and a butterfly garden. Many of these areas have needs SMs can fill. According to the organization - "We have need for people willing to teach various subjects in the English language, including Bible, English, Mathematics, Geography, Science. We also need people to teach piano, flute, trumpet, violin, guitar. In the past my teachers have taught core subjects and music according to what instrument they played. We could use someone to teach mechanics, woodcraft, screen printing. Someone to manage/design our websites, they could also teach website design and help with marketing Butterfly Paradise. Our volunteers have a big influence on the kids and young people here, so we need people who want to model the character and values of Christ." At this location, SMs will be expected to live a more conservative Adventist lifestyle than might be expected at other locations.

Bangladesh is currently not open for SMs hoping to go out for winter semester 2022. For this opporunity stay tuned or visit our office in Bietz Student Center. 

For more information on Bangla Hope read the following:
Bangla Hope is a children's home in northern Bangladesh serving the needs of over 150 amazing children. The organization is still in need of volunteers, and you can apply for a visa immediately. The visas are for 90 day periods and require that you leave the country for at least one day every 90 days in order to keep a valid visa. India is the primary location where SMs travel to in order to renew their visa, and the borders with Bangladesh are expected to open soon. We are encouraging SMs who are interested to apply for a visa as soon as possible (email our office for instructions). For more information about this project, please click here.

VIDA is located three hours outside of the capital city of Honduras. They operate a bilingual school, a lifestyle center, an avocado farm, and many other things. They are primarily looking for teachers (Spanish not required), but there are potential opportunities in public relations, business operations, helping with agriculture, or other opportunities based on the skillset of the student. Borders have reopened and they in need of volunteer teachers. Other positions may be availabillity based on the skills of the student. 

For more information about VIDA, please click here.

Though opportunities in Palau, Pohnpei, Ebeye, Kosrae, Chuuk, and Majuro remain closed at this time - students do have an opportunity to serve this area. Guam-Micronesia Mission is looking for student missionaries to teach online from Guam. There is also the possibility that these calls will open up for in-person service before the 2021-2022 school year.

For more information, click here to view our opportunities page and search for the island of your choice

AFM or Adventist Frontier Missions seeks to send missionaries into the 10-40 window--the region of the world with the highest percentage of "unreached" people groups. AFM is operational and sending missionaries out for the 2021-2022 school year. If you are interested in AFM opportunities, check out some of their featured calls on our opportunities page here or check out the AFM website.

What is life like right now?

During the fall semester we have 29 students serving on five continents. Hear firsthand from some SMs about serving during these interesting times.

Camron RockwellCamron Rockwell, Zambia

“I’ve been in Zambia now for about 6 months at Riverside Farm Institute. Now that things are settling down we’ve reopened and resumed normal life. It was definitely worth the wait. We would really love to have new SMs here in a few months if possible.”

Keren GomezKeren Gomez, Thailand

"Now, we are reaching more kids than before and connecting with more families in different villages. I am glad I was here during this time... I know some countries are still closed, but there are places that need SMs now more than ever.”

Ryan SchmidRyan Schmid, Cambodia

"Young disciples need a chance to go outside their comfort and [meet the] needs around the globe that are not being met because of a lack SMs in the field. I’m glad I stayed in the field throughout this strange time, and I think other people would be glad to be shown the opportunity to go out."

Still not sure what to do?

Whether you want us to recommend a location, or your parents simply want more information - please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any needs!