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What to Expect

Beginning the Application Process

Starting your application is the first tangible step towards serving as a student missionary.We have students that already know where they would like to serve and that’s great! However, what is important to understand is you can begin this journey before you are certain of where God would have you go. What matters is starting!

The first parts of your application require you to provide information about yourself, why you would like to be a student missionary, and where you are interested in serving.

Sign up for NON-099 which is a 0-credit training offered in the winter semester. Class meets one evening a week after spring break, and includes a 4-day Exit retreat. You'll have the opportunity to meet other prospective SMs, hear from previous SMs, and learn tips for when you are in the field.

Once you've finished your fundraising (we will help you), you're ready to go! While you may be the only student missionary at a location you are never truly alone. You'll have a group of people just like you all over the world and the SM Office with you along the way!

Student Missions

More Information on SAU Student Missions

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Frequent Questions

Due to COVID-19. student missionaries will be required to sign additional documentation before departure. These documents outline the inherent risks associated with serving during a pandemic, as well as procedures for testing, precautions while traveling, and instructions about quarantining upon arrival. We seek not only to prioritize the safety of our students but also those whom they serve around the world. As always, travel insurance will be purchased for each international student missionary.


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