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Effective July 1, 2023 the CLEP exam fee will be $93.
CLEP is based on the premise that some individuals enrolling in college have already learned part of what is taught in college courses through noncredit adult courses, job training, independent reading and study, and advanced high school courses. CLEP provides these individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their college-level learning by taking examinations that assess the knowledge and skills taught in college courses.

CLEP examinations cover material that is taught in introductory-level courses at many colleges and universities. Faculties at individual colleges review the exams to ensure that they cover the important material currently taught in their courses. Colleges differ in the CLEP examinations for which they award credit; some colleges accept only two or three examinations, while others accept them all.

Granting CLEP credit is solely the responsibility of the individual college. Each college or university determines what examination(s) will be accepted for credit, as well as the level of performance and the amount of credit. The credit granted by Southern Adventist University may not be transferable to a college that does not grant credit for CLEP, although approximately 2,000 colleges do grant CLEP credit. If you have any questions as to whether a university or college grants credit and the performance level at which the credit is granted, please write to that university or college and ask about its CLEP examination policy.

College Level Examination Program

Southern Adventist University grants credit for the CLEP subject examination shown in the table below passed at a minimum scaled score of 50.

Southern Adventist University credit earned through CLEP will be posted to the student's record after he/she has successfully completed a minimum of 12 semester hours in residence at Southern Adventist University.

Students must wait at least three months before retaking CLEP tests.
SAU Subject Examinations
Examination Credits SAU
American Government 3 PLSC 254
American Literature 3 ELIT 214
Calculus 4 MATH 191
College Algebra 3 MATH 117
College Composition Modular 3 ENGL 101
Educational Psychology, Introduction 3 EDUC 217
English Literature 3 ELIT 215
Financial Accounting 3 ACCT 221
History of US I * 3 HIST 154
History of US II * 3 HIST 155
Human Growth and Development 3 PSYC 128
Precalculus 5 MATH 120,121
Psychology, Introductory 3 PSYC 122
Sociology, Introductory 3 SOCI 125
Western Civilization I * 3 HIST 174
Western Civilization II * 3 HIST 175
*Southern students must take 3 hours of history in a traditional classroom setting.

CLEP Registration

Southern Adventist University students should first obtain a CLEP Registration Advisor Permission Form from the Testing Services Office in Student Support Services on the 3rd floor of the Bietz Center.

Register for CLEP here.

After receiving your CLEP admission ticket, contact Testing Services in the Student Support Services to schedule a CLEP exam. A registration fee of $20.00 is paid by cash or check when the appointment is scheduled.

To obtain an official CLEP transcript, go to CLEP.

More about CLEP.

Information for test takers.

Register to take a CLEP Exam with Remote Proctoring - here