Each year, Southern Adventist University relies on your generous gifts to keep tuition affordable for students. Without donors, many students would not be able to experience Southern. Join our campus community in the pursuit of truth, wholeness, and a life of service.

Why is Annual Giving important?
Regularly giving to Southern provides administrators the ability to limit tuition expenses, expand scholarship programs, and increase the quality of our educational and spiritual opportunities. Southern prospers in its mission when alumni and donors make a tradition of giving each year.

I can’t give much; does it make a difference?
Yes! Every dollar is an investment in the next generation of Southern graduates. Last year 4,822 generous donors gave $9,272,563 towards Southern’s mission. 222 current students gave. 80 percent of employees gave back to the university. And 2,208 Southern alumni from around the world gave back to their alma mater.

With these gifts, Southern was able to begin work on certain projects and enhance others already in place. Some of these opportunities included renovation work on Summerour Hall for the School of Education and Psychology; increasing funding for LifeGroups, our student-run small group Bible studies; and purchasing a 3D printer for art, engineering, and computing students. We are grateful for the blessing of our generous donors and a loving God.

What are this year’s giving goals?
This year Southern is hoping to raise more than $10 million and increase the number of donors to 5,000.

What is the area of greatest need?
Strategically, we are working on several projects that will enhance the Southern Experience and improve our facilities and programs. Here are just a few:

  • Improve the first-year experience and increase retention
  • Complete remodeling on several buildings including Summerour Hall and the residence halls
  • Provide increased opportunities for students to grow in their relationship with God

As challenges and opportunities arise throughout the year, administrators utilize their budgets to meet the needs of the university. Annual contributions to the Southern Fund, an undesignated gift, provides administrators the flexibility to reinforce the areas of greatest need and the resources to achieve our strategic goals.

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    Sandra Delgado,
    Annual Giving Manager

    Sandra connects alumni and friends with opportunities to support projects they’re passionate about.