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How the BS-to-DNP program works

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The BS to DNP is a program for the Registered Nurse who has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and wishes to progress rapidly and seamlessly to a doctoral degree. Those enrolled in this program are not awarded the MSN degree. The Nurse Practitioner emphases are primarily face-to-face classes with some online courses. The Nurse Educator, DNP/MBA, and Lifestyle Medicine emphases are completely online. All students, including those in completely online options, are required to register for and attend a DNP seminar on campus each fall until completion of their program. 

Students entering the BS to DNP program bypass the MSN degree and have no requirement for experience at the time of entry into the program. It is expected that they will have achieved a minimum of two years (4,000 hours) of nursing experience prior to beginning DNP practicum courses. The BS to DNP has a primary emphasis of the student’s choice and requires either a secondary emphasis or elective hours to meet the 77-hour total.

Any student wishing to complete clinical experiences outside the State of TN must verify that State is a member of NC-SARA and seek permission from that State Board of Nursing. Clinical placements in some States may not be able to be accommodated due to specific State Board of Nursing regulations.

To get an inside look at Southern’s nursing programs, download The Complete Guide to Advanced Nursing Degrees at Southern Adventist University.

Eligibility and prerequisites

  • Bachelor’s Degree: A bachelor's degree in nursing from an accredited program
  • Undergraduate GPA: A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Statistics course: An undergraduate or graduate course in statistics
  • RN licensure: Current RN licensure in your state or location of residence

Application deadlines

All application steps are to be fully completed by the dates listed.

Term U.S. Residents International
Fall April 1 March 1
Winter October 1 August 1

Admission process

  1. Transcripts:  Submit official college and university transcripts. Many institutions subscribe to the convenient transcript-request service at National Student Clearinghouse, or you may also contact your institution directly. Have your transcripts sent to the Graduate and Professional Studies office ( If you earned your prerequisite degree at Southern, you do not need to complete this step.
  2. Recommendations: Submit three recommendation forms—one academic and two from a clinical setting. This should be done as part of the online application process.
  3. Written statement: Write a statement describing your purpose and goals for pursuing this degree.  Your statement should be thoughtfully written to demonstrate your writing skills.  It should be submitted through your Application Status Page.
  4. Curriculum vitae: Submit a curriculum vitae. Upload to your Application Status Page.
  5. Writing sample:  Submit a scholarly writing sample, such as a previous graduate-level paper through your Application Status Page.
  6. Interview:  Schedule a faculty interview after completing your Graduate application from your Application Status Page.
  7. For the DNP/MBA, submit scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). With approval, applicants may be admitted without the GMAT if they have:
    • An undergraduate degree from a U.S. institution with a minimum GPA of 3.25
    • OR a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 with five years of full-time business-related management experience

Once you are accepted

Before you enroll, we need acceptable documentation of these items. Email all documents to

  • Personal health assessment and physical exam Download Form
  • Criminal background check Download Form
  • Medical-information disclosure and drug-screen consent Download Form
  • Current health information and immunizations Download Form
  • CPR/BLS certification from the American Heart Association

International students

Applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States are considered international students and must meet additional requirements for admission.

  • View international-student admission requirements »

    1. Applicants from non-English institutions must submit certified English translations and evaluations of official university records, including demonstration of the equivalency of a bachelor's degree.
      Transcript evaluations must be submitted directly to Southern from one of the following agencies:
    2. Applicants from non-English-speaking countries must provide a Certification of English proficiency.
      Unless an applicant is a native English speaker, s/he must have a minimum TOEFL score of 100, or the TOEFL equivalent Duolingo English Test score. Scores are valid for two years from the test date. Learn more at:
    3. Submit Declaration of Finances.
      International students must have financial resources sufficient to support themselves for the calendar year, in addition to an international-student deposit of $3,000 (USD). Download Form
      • To be issued an I-20 Form, students must also provide a letter from financial sponsors (including their name and address), as well as copies of bank statements for the last three months showing the balance history for the student's account or the financial sponsor's account.

International students who will be coming to Southern's campus need some additional information about travel documents and living on campus.

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