Vegetarian Culinary Arts Program Meets Growing Demand


The number of individuals in the United States who consider themselves vegetarian or vegan has greatly increased in recent years. The graduates of Southern’s Vegetarian Culinary Arts program are well-prepared to cater to this growing demand. Southern is one of the few programs in the country that offers a meatless culinary degree, and it is the only Adventist institution with a degree in culinary arts.

“I’m getting more and more emails from people wanting our students to come work for them,” said Bonny Musgrave, culinary professor. “More than I could ever fill.”

Since the program’s start in 2013, it has opened doors for many young people.

“When I discovered that Southern had a culinary program, I got really excited,” said Jessica VanBeukering, recent graduate from the program. “It has given me the opportunity to take an internship in Colorado and to connect with some really awesome people who have the same love of food that I do.”

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