Early Entry to Loma Linda Granted to 10 Southern Adventist University Students



Loma Linda University School of Medicine granted early acceptance to 10 pre-medical students from Southern Adventist University this year, an all-time high for Southern. The students were accepted as part of Loma Linda’s Early Decision Program, which allows applicants to apply to only one medical school.

Southern, blessed with numerous gifted and driven pre-medical students, has a close relationship with Loma Linda, according to Tim Trott, PhD, professor in Southern’s Biology and Allied Health Department. He describes the rapport as a close alignment of goals for connecting talented pupils to a medical school aimed at educating the next generation of Adventist physicians.

“Loma Linda has told us they’re very happy with our product, and our product is our students,” Trott says. “The academic culture in this department is focused on hard work leading to fulfilling medical careers. So, for years, Loma Linda has been confident that if our students have a certain GPA, they’re ready for the next step.” 

Ryan Howell, senior chemistry major, was one of the Southern students accepted. Since sharing the exciting news, he’ll hear Trott, one of his professors, exclaim, “Hey, Dr. Howell!” while walking through the hallways of Hickman Science Center.

“When my students tell me they got into medical school—those are some of my favorite moments, the best part of that day,” Trott says. “We’ve worked hard with those students, struggled with them through challenges. The pressure on our pre-med students is immense; they put so much energy and emotion into their work. It’s incredibly fun to celebrate with them on the successful end of their journey.”

Trott compared Southern’s pre-medical education to training for a marathon, building students’ brain muscles to endure the rigors of medical school.

“Through some pain and suffering, we get them to the point where they can digest and synthesize a large volume of material at once, as well as retrieve and communicate information quickly,” he says. “Those are major skills these students will need in medical school.”

Howell recalls two experiences at Southern that directly contributed to his early admittance success: a Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) seminar conducted by the pre-med club and a guest speaker the university brought in to discuss Altius, an MCAT preparation company.

“Hearing the speaker discuss the type of thinking required for the MCAT started me on the right path, and listening to peers share their experiences helped me realize that the MCAT is important but also manageable,” he says. “Southern has taught me well. I’m ready and excited for Loma Linda, which emphasizes caring for the whole person, not just the physical, and other approaches that stem from a uniquely Adventist worldview.”

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