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Southern Scholars

What is the Southern Scholars Program?

The Southern Scholars Program is part of the National Collegiate Honors Council, which promotes each student's practice of critical and creative thinking, leadership development, and lifelong learning. The Scholars Program is an enhanced interdisciplinary educational experience for motivated and capable students that emphasizes the integration of spiritual values into the knowledge of nature and society. As a learning environment for a community of academically responsible peers, the Scholars Program offers enriched experiences both in and out of the classroom.
Fall Retreat

Southern Scholars:

Benefits of Being a Southern Scholar

Receive up to $7,500 in Scholarship Funding

Receive Academic and Career Mentorship from Scholars Faculty

Get Access to Diverse On-Campus and Local Learning Experiences

Travel to and attend professional development opportunities such as National and Regional Honors Conferences, Partners in the Parks, and/or Adventist Colleges Abroad

Receive Guidance for Graduate and Professional School Applications

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Southern Scholars Director



Adriana Izquierdo

Graduate Administrative Assistant



Southern Adventist University

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