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The Program

Southern Scholars is an interdisciplinary honors program at Southern Adventist University. Southern Scholars students pursue a rigorous and rewarding curriculum of religion, science, and humanities. Students complete four Honors Seminars that focus on critical thinking, research, creativity, belief, and doubt, and a Senior Research Project, which give students an opportunity to produce a significant work of research or creativity within their major. Southern Scholars, however, is not simply a curriculum: the program provides opportunities to enhance one’s education through participation in exciting and innovative events planned for inquisitive people.


Southern Scholars receive many immediate and long-term benefits from the honors program, including learning critical thinking practices, participating in a community of fun, likeminded friends, enjoying the personal satisfaction of completing a rigorous academic program, and increasing appreciation of culture within a Christian context. 

Southern Scholars take some of the most challenging undergraduate classes offered at Southern and are introduced to a wider scholarly community. Southern Scholars have the opportunity to meet with distinguished campus guests, to present their research at national and regional honors conferences, and to participate in field trips to museums and special cultural exhibitions. 

Free Courses
The required Honors Seminars 151, 251, 451, 452 are free for Southern Scholars.

Social, Spiritual, and Professional Development
Throughout the year, various speakers, artists, and musicians visit the university. Whenever possible, Southern Scholars are invited to meet with these distinguished visitors on an informal basis. Students are also encouraged to build a network of friends, colleagues, and mentors from within Southern Adventist University and the NCHC organization.

Southern Scholars also have the opportunity to take a leadership role within the program by being a member of the Student Honors Council. Committee members plan special events, including vespers programs, cultural outings, and community service projects. 

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Southern Scholars students who remain in good and regular standing by meeting the honors program requirements for one academic year are then eligible for a Southern Scholar Scholarship. Scholarship amounts are relative to a student's class standing within the institution. 

Although full-ride scholarship students cannot receive the Southern Scholar Scholarship towards their tuition, books, or accommodation fees, they will benefit from financial sponsorship for research, conferences, and other activities and events.

Second Year


Third Year


Fourth Year


Graduation Recognition and Lasting Value

Southern Scholars receive special recognition at graduation, along with an honors medallion. Accomplishments as a Southern Scholar will be a permanent part of a student's academic transcript, which is a strong advantage when pursuing advanced education. Past Southern Scholars have gone on to medical school, pastoral work, law school, and graduate work in other fields at premier institutions such as the University of Chicago, Emory, Loma Linda, and Duke University.


To join Southern Scholars, a new student must have:
  • a cumulative high school GPA of 3.7 or higher
A transfer student or a current Southern student must have:
  • a cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • no more than 62 semester hours of college credit completed
Prospective Southern Scholars Students must submit an application for admission. Admission is selective and based on a student's overall academic and personal achievements.