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Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate (Senate) is the main decision-making body of the faculty in matters covered by shared governance. It or its designated committees provides faculty approval to curriculum changes, new academic programs, and policy changes or updates pertaining to the role and evaluation of faculty.


  1. To ensure all education policies and procedures of the university are in harmony with the university mission, vision, values, and objectives.
  2. To establish academic and social standards for admission and retention applicable to all students of the university.
  3. To establish the requirements for the various curricula.
  4. To establish the requirements for all certificates and degrees awarded by the university.
  5. To establish standards of instruction, services, and facilities.
  6. To promote faculty research.
  7. To establish procedures by which the Senate may advise the Board in the selection and retention of school deans and department chairs.
  8. To adopt standards for all publications and programs sponsored by or in any way representing the university.
  9. To advise the Board relative to academic freedom and faculty status.
  10. To recommend policies relative to appointment, rank, conduct, and dismissal of faculty.
  11. To establish appeal-process standards for student academic discipline.

Faculty Senate Membership

Kristie Wilder, Chair
Andrew Richards, Chair-elect
Keith Snyder, Immediate Past Chair