University Senate

The Senate is to bring into close working relationship spokespersons representing the major interest segments of the University Assembly along with a representative of the Student Association. It is also charged with promoting and encouraging an intelligent understanding of the challenges of the university; fostering a spirit of mutual esteem and cooperation among individuals and schools/departments; and ensuring the university is a competent, progressive, and vital force in the development of mature Christian men and women.

University Senate Membership

Beth Scott: Chair
Matt Tolbert: Chair-Elect
Laura Racovita: Past Chair

District 1:

Corneliu Ruso (21)
Beth Snyder (20), Parliamentarian
Cindy Rima (20)

District 2:

Clarise Nixon (21)
Giselle Hasel (21)
Gennevieve Brown-Kibble (20)

District 3:

Rick Halterman (21)
David Nelson (20)
Brent Hamstra (20)

District 4:

Rachel Williams-Smith (21)
Donald Martin (20)
Stephen Ruf (20)

District 5:

Gary Bradley (21)
Barry Tryon (21)
Monty Murdoch (20)

District 6:

Ben Thompson (21)
Shana Michalek (21)
Kenny Turpen (21)
Rick Anderson (20)
Michael Rumsey (20)
Lillian Loza (20)

Ex Officio:

David Smith
Bob Young
Tom Verrill
Dennis Negrón
Mark Galvez - SA President

Appointed members:

Beth Scott -- chair
Matt Tolbert -- chair-elect
Laura Racovita -- past chair
Beth Snyder -- Parliamentarian

10 Senate Members (Term ending 2019)

Nina Nelson
Rachel Byrd
Randy Craven
Ben Thornton
Tammy Overstreet
Bonnie Eder
Greg King
Ashley Fox
Janell Hullquist
Ryan Pierce

11 Senate Members (Term ending 2020)

Beth Snyder
Cindy Rima
Gennevieve Brown-Kibble
David Nelson
Brent Hamstra
Don Martin
Stephen Ruf
Matt Tolbert
Rick Anderson
Melodie Lopez
Lillian Loza