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university senate


The Senate is to bring into close working relationship spokespersons representing the major interest segments of the University Assembly along with a representative of the Student Association. It is also charged with promoting and encouraging an intelligent understanding of the challenges of the university; fostering a spirit of mutual esteem and cooperation among individuals and schools/departments; and ensuring the university is a competent, progressive, and vital force in the development of mature Christian men and women.


The University Senate is empowered to establish policy relating to those functions specifically delegated to the University Assembly. The Senate also has the responsibility to study any university-related matter that is not in harmony with university objectives or that may impede the implementation of these objectives. The Senate shall render its report and advice to the University Assembly. 

University Senate Membership

Keith Snyder: Chair
Rachel Williams-Smith: Chair-Elect
Matt Tolbert: Past Chair

Kristie Wilder (23)
Sylvia Mayer (22)
Nicholas Beaumonte (22)

Amanda Livanos (23)
Marc Boyson (22)
Laurie Stankavich  (23)

Tim Trott (23)
Tamie Suzuki (22)
Willard Munger (22)

Sonja Fordham (23)
Sunia Fukofuka (22)
Lorraine Ball (22)

Tron Wilder (23)
Monte Murdoch (23)
Doug Brown (22)

Ben Schnell (23)
Sandra Delgado (23)
John Willis (23)
Michael Rumsey (22)
Isaac James (22) - Parlimentarian
Jessica Williams (22)

Ken Shaw
Bob Young
Tom Verrill
Dennis Negrón 
SA President