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Internship Requirements

The School of Business Internship Program is designed to serve our students with an opportunity to use the skills and knowledge they've gained in the classroom and apply them in the workplace.

The academic internship requirements are listed in the packet below. The internship application must be approved by the Internship Coordinator in the School of Business. If the intern plans to obtain academic credit for the experience, they must request registration for the internship before the semester that the internship is completed.

In order to receive academic credit and/or meet graduation requirements, please follow the instructions below for each form.

1) Employer Form - Complete and return to Lezlee Walters  

2) Internship Application - Complete and return to Lezlee Walters  

3) Intern Evaluation by Employer - Give to your employer. Return to Lezlee Walters  

4) Internship Packet - Read   

For additional information, contact:

Portrait of Lezlee Walters, Internship Coordinator

Lezlee Walters
Coordinator, Internship Program
School of Business
Southern Adventist University
Office: 423.236.2526Brock Hall 3202G