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SMARRT (Student Managed Asset Risk and Return Training)


SMARRT Fund History
Southern Adventist University initiated the SMARRT Fund (Student Managed Asset Risk and Return Training) in 2019, setting aside $500,000 of the university’s main endowment for investment by a student team under the guidance of faculty advisers.

Returns are used to help support student programs and scholarships. The SMARRT Fund–currently valued at more than $600,000!–provides opportunities for Southern students to get hands-on portfolio management, financial analysis, and leadership experience.

SMARRT Fund Alum: Elijah Hooker, '22

Students working with the SMARRT Fund learn critical finance skills and soft skills before they enter the workforce. Recent graduate Elijah Hooker, '22, found a great first job with a prestigious national firm. He and his boss were interviewed about the real-world training value of SMARRT Fund participation. 

Students' Philosophy Statement
We believe the market is efficient, in that we expect stock prices to reflect all new publicly-shared information. With this belief system in place, we strive to construct a portfolio that has low turnover, a good balance between risk and return, and closely reflects the market. Christian ethics are a guiding light for SMARRT investments. Because we analyze all opportunities through a Judeo-Christian biblical perspective, “sin stocks” such as gambling, pornography, alcohol, and tobacco are strictly off limits; we seek creative alternatives to profitability.

As students, we have the advantage of holding fewer preconceived biases about the market than professional investors, which allows us to follow our investment strategy with little distraction or temptation to stray from our philosophy or policy. Our main goal for this investment fund is to grow the financial wisdom of our members while managing a portfolio that delivers consistent returns comparable to the market.

Student Leadership and Faculty Support
The SMARRT Fund is managed by a student president, five student-led departments, and faculty advisors.

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