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Vision Statement
Bringing Biblical principles to the world of investing.

Mission Statement
Southern’s SMARRT Fund seeks to provide opportunities for students across campus to excel in developing professional investment and management skills in alignment with a Christian Biblical framework. The Fund seeks to be nationally recognized for creating a highly effective executive management team and achieving risk-adjusted returns in excess of the student scholarship endowment spending rate.

SMARRT is a student-led portfolio management team that manages a small portion of Southern’s endowment. The purpose of SMARRT is to provide opportunities to Southern students to get hands-on portfolio management, financial analysis, and leadership experience. The SMARRT team is made up of five departments, a president, and faculty advisors.

Smarrt Diagram

The SMARRT (Student Managed Asset Risk and Return Training) Fund was initiated in the fall of 2019 by Southern Adventist University (SAU). The University has granted a small portion of the main University Endowment Fund for investing, which would be led by a student team. Returns from this Fund will be used to help fund student programs and scholarships. The Fund is structured to establish a source of income that will support the mission of the SAU endowments, and for the education of its members.

Personal Stories/Testimonies
Video interview clips coming soon!

Philosophy Statement
We believe the market is efficient, in that we expect stock prices to reflect all new publicly-shared information. With this belief system in place, we plan to construct a portfolio that has low turnover, a good balance between risk and return, and closely reflects the market, which we will decide by analyzing macroeconomic trends. We strive to approach and filter all of our investment opportunities through a Judeo-Christian Biblical perspective. We intend to build a well-diversified and research-backed growing portfolio that will be managed to develop and expand the financial experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the investment fund’s current and future members. As students, we have the advantage of holding fewer preconceived biases about the market than professional investors, which will allow us to follow our investment strategy with little distraction or temptation to stray from our philosophy or policy. Our main goal for this investment fund is to grow the financial wisdom of our members while managing a portfolio that delivers consistent returns comparable to the Market.