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Southern’s three computer labs are maintained and staffed by the School of Computing, giving you opportunity to test out your troubleshooting skills on campus.

There are more than 75 modern personal computers that run state-of-the-art operating systems with the latest programming tools, as well as software and hardware development environments and computer applications. Because Southern is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance, computing students can access many of these tools on their personal computers without any cost.

All 75 computers in Southern’s three computer labs are connected with a gigabit network, via Windows and UNIX servers, and access the internet through Southern's 150 Mbps connection. There are also scanners, printers, and plotters at your fingertips, and Wi-Fi access is available on most of the campus, so you can hone your computer science skills almost anywhere you please.

Advanced Lab

This lab is the perfect place for junior and senior computing majors to do serious programming assignments. High-powered workstations are included, as well as a "laptop landing zone" with wired internet access.
  • 5 Workstations
  • i7 CPUs
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • One or Two 19" LCD Monitors per Station
  • Nvidia GeForce 7800s
  • Networked HP Laser Printer with Free Printing

Embedded Systems Lab

The Embedded Systems Lab is part of the Advanced Lab, so it contains everything the Advanced Lab does, plus the following:
  • Tektronix DPO 4034 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
  • Tektronix AFG 3101 Arbitrary Function Generators
  • Tektronix TLA 5202 Logic Analyzers
  • Altera DE2 and UP3 Development boards
  • LPKF Protomat S62 computerized milling machine
  • Various Atmel programmers and debuggers
  • Agilent 34410A Digital Multimeters
  • Agilent E3630A Triple Output DC Power Supplies
  • Surface-mount assembly station including a pick-and-place machine and reflow oven soldering and rework stations
  • Robots including Robonova humanoid, iRobot Create, UPbots, Lego Mindstorm NXT, RM-501 robotic arm, Traxster, and several custom platforms
  • 60w laser engraver for robot part fabrication

General Lab Hours (HSC 1303)

From programming projects to last-minute papers, the computing lab provides a great place to work. It has excellent tools to get the job done.

CLICK HERE for 1303 Schedule

Available in Lab
  • 23 Workstations with 17" LCDs
  • 1 Laser Printer
  • "Laptop Landing Zone" with Router
Available Software
Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Office 2013 Suite Microsoft Visio 2010 Pro
ActiveState Active Perl ActiveState Active Python Microsoft Developer Network
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Adobe Imageready CS5 Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Adobe Golive CS5 Vim
Sun JDK Eclipse Greek and Hebrew Tutors
Ruby Prolog Pep7
Geometry Explorer Triola Statdisk 11 Robolab
PCspim Dr. JAVA