Origins Educator, Carol Raney, presented these breakout sessions at the NAD Teachers Convention in Chicago.

Science is a powerful tool, but too often it seems to challenge our faith. Learn how understanding what science is (and isn’t!) can actually strengthen faith, practice evaluating scientific evidence in ways that are consistent with Scripture, and discover FREE resources that you can use with ByDesign science.

Download the presentation here

(ByDesign science, Cycle 1 Multigrade & Grades 6 & 8)
Teaching multigrade (Cycle 1) or 6th/8th grade science this year? Come learn why it is important to teach our students about both creation and evolution, compelling evidence that supports the biblical account of our origins, and about FREE resources available to supplement your lessons on this important topic.

Download the presentation here

(Grades 4 & 6 and Multigrade Cycle 2)
Kids love dinosaurs, and they provide a perfect opportunity to help students understand the difference between data and interpretation and examine the evidence through the lens of a biblical worldview. Learn how to do this with your students, and learn about free resources available to supplement specific ByDesign lessons.

Download the presentation here