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The School of Music is comfortably housed in Mabel Wood Hall, a 44,000-square-foot masonry building, first occupied during the fall semester of 1981. Included are 10 teaching studios/offices; 24 practice rooms; two classrooms; choral and instrumental rehearsal rooms; an electronic piano lab; and a Mac computer lab.

Music Library
The music library contains more than 3,600 scores, reference works, DVDs, CDs, video tapes, and records. The listening/study room houses 13 listening stations (two turntables, eight CD players, three cassette players), two VHS/DVD video monitors, a large study table, current music periodicals, a computer containing the recording and score catalog for student search use, and reference book shelves.

Practice Rooms
Seventeen practice rooms are furnished with upright studio pianos, three six-foot grand pianos, a two-manual Keith Hill harpsichord, and a two-manual three-stop Brombaugh tracker organ. Several practice rooms contain only a music stand and chair for instrumental practice.

The electronic keyboard lab has 11 Yamaha keyboards (10 for students, one for the teacher's station), and is used for aural theory and basic musicianship classes, as well as class piano. The Mac lab is located on the second floor of the building. It houses 12 computers with MIDI keyboards for use in music theory, composition, arranging, and orchestration classes.

Ackerman Auditorium
Ackerman Auditorium is a 258-seat recital hall located in Mabel Wood Hall. Instruments permanently assigned to this room are two Steinway concert grand pianos and a 14-stop mean-tone tuned Renaissance organ built by John Brombaugh. The stage is large enough to accommodate a 50-piece ensemble and is used for rehearsals and concerts by both soloists and ensembles. Artists performing in this auditorium commend its fine acoustics.

In addition to the several practice organs housed in the music building, the university owns a 70-stop Brombaugh tracker organ, housed in the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists located on campus. This instrument is used for lessons, practice, and concerts.

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Southern Adventist University is honored to be the 100th All-Steinway School. As an All-Steinway School, Southern joins the now well over 100 colleges, conservatories, and universities that enjoy the same designation—schools that, like Southern, have more than 90% Steinway and Steinway-made pianos for their students, faculty, and guest artists to use for study and performance.

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