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Adventist Teachers

You MUST fill out a new application to be able to register.

Application Deadline for Summer 2023 - May 26
Registration Deadline for Summer 2023 - June 1

Application Process

*Use the Apply Now button above - select the Adventist Teacher Application
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  • For assistance, contact 423.236.2287 or online@southern.edu.
  • You will receive automated emails outlining the next steps in completing your registration once your application is submitted.


  • You are responsible for paying for your courses.
  • Your employing conference and/or union will be billed only if they have made arrangements with Southern Adventist University.
  • IMPORTANT: You will not be able to register for courses until you sign Southern's  Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Authenticating Your Identity

  • Required for all students who enroll in distance education courses at Southern Adventist University for the first time.
  • Required at time of initial registration for first semester at Southern or in the first semester online courses are taken after the authentication policy was put in place (Fall 2018).
  • If you need to authenticate your identity, you will be notified via email.
  • There are two ways to authenticate your identity: 
    1. In person at Southern Adventist University by obtaining an ID card, or
    2. Online with Southern's secure identity verification partner. For more information, please contact Online Campus @ 423.236.2287.


If you are in the Southern Union, please request your transcript from National Student Clearinghouse. Select the following options when prompted on your request:
  • Who are you sending your transcript to:  Education Organization, Application Service Scholarship
  • Select Organization:  Southern Union Conference of SDA
  • Department:  Office of Education

Further directions can be found on Adventist Edge.

Available Courses

  • A complete list of teacher certification courses offered Summer 2023 can be found in the CourseSchedule.
  • T courses (courses with a T in the course #) are available only to Adventist Teachers.
  • Online Delivery Fee and Tuition is as follows:
    • Southern Union State Conference Teachers - $150/credit hour
    • Southern Union Regional Conference Teachers - $175/credit hour
    • Self-Supporting School Teachers - $175/credit hour
    • Non-Southern Union Conference-Employed Teachers - $175/credit hour
    • All others - $350/credit hour
    • Textbooks and other course materials are not included in tuition for most courses. The student is responsible for the cost of these items. Conferences will not pay textbook and course material fees.
    • Regular tuition rate applies to all other courses.
  • Visit the School of Education and Psychology website for more information on graduate degree courses, i.e. MAT and MSEd courses.

**The syllabi below may not be from the current semester. However, changes should be minimal.  Check back before your class begins for the updated syllabi.


  • Did you fill out an application?  A new application is required annually.
  • Have you received the "Welcome Email?" If you have not, your application is still being processed. This can take up to 72 hours.

  • Classes do not become available on eClass, our learning platform, until the Monday before classes begin. Some may open on the day classes begin. This is up to the professor's discretion.

  • All assignments and resources can be found on eClass.
  • Classes are taught asynchronously.
    • Lectures can be watched and course work completed on your own time.
    • Firm due dates are given so watch your course syllabus closely.
    • Most classes meet for 1 hour a week via Zoom.

  • Did you leave a detailed message with your name, phone number, and reason for calling, and did you speak clearly?
  • We have other responsibilities. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to return a phone call.

  • Have you signed the "Student Handbook Acknowledgement"?  Visit southern.edu/update. Sign the acknowledgement, and then try again.
  • The "Student Handbook Acknowledgement" is required for all students, even if a student is taking classes fully online.

  • Questions about acceptance or program
    • Graduate & Professional Studies - 423.236.2695
    • Pilar Anderson - 423.236.2803
    • Deanna Walker - 423.236.2087
  • Technical issues with application
  • Admitted but need registration help for a specific course
  • Questions about MSEd degree
  • Technical questions related to course instruction
    • Online Campus - 423.236.2087 - online@southern.edu

  • Transcripts are not required to take certification courses simply for certification purposes.
  • If the application is asking you for transcripts you have started an MSEd application. 
  • Delete the MSEd application and begin a new application specifically for Teacher Certification.