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SOAP stands for Southern Outdoor Adventure Programming and is an organization that provides the students of Southern Adventist University with outdoor recreation and adventure opportunities. SOAP is much like an outdoor-adventure intramural program.

We offer a wide variety of exciting learning adventures with the opportunity for you to meet new friends, learn new skills, and have fun in a safe environment. You can find a list of current SOAP trips below. All trips are FREE unless otherwise specified.

Sign up for a trip by filling out the form below the event list or emailing soap@southern.edu (include your student ID number).

You must be a current Southern Adventist University student taking at LEAST 6 hours of undergraduate credit. YOU CAN ONLY SIGN YOURSELF UP; your friends must sign themselves up. One trip sign-up per email.

It isn't necessary to sign up for Open Cave, just show up any time between 11 AM - 3 PM.

Fall 2022 SoapTrips

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SOAP Group

A. You can still visit us on Facebook: find “SOAP Southern.” Click on the “Events” tab to view upcoming trips. You can’t sign up through Facebook, but you can post pictures from trips or message us with questions.

A. Only current students are allowed to attend our SOAP trips. 

A. The outdoors is a great place to spend Sabbath. Bring your Bible and a guitar, and come enjoy God’s first book of nature. If a trip costs money or you need to rent something, make arrangements to pay before Sabbath.

A. The Outdoor Education Center is located on University Drive on the right side of the road, just before the University Health Center. Look for the building with the hanging canoe.
GPS: N35.042 W-85.054 

A. The week of the trip the leader will contact you by email with a list of clothing and other items that might be necessary to make your trip comfortable, safe, and fun. Some of the bigger trips have required pre-trip meetings. As for gear, SOAP provides all you need other than sleeping bags, which are available for rent.

A. The difficulty level of the activities that we offer is indicated by our SOAP scale.

1 bar = Anyone can do it. Just get up off the couch and come.

2 bars = You should probably be active and fairly comfortable being outdoors, but no prior experience is required.

3 bars = This could require some sweat, and some experience with outdoor physical activity is a prerequisite. Be prepared to be challenged.

A. We are always looking for new SOAP trip ideas and people to lead others out into nature. If you are interested in becoming a SOAP leader, fill out a SOAP Leader Application and tell us your trip ideas. Don't worry, you don't have to be an outdoor leadership major to apply!
If you don't have a new trip you would like to lead but are interested in leading one of our "staple" trips, let us know.

A. Your questions are important to us. Fill out the portion below, and we will do our best to answer your questions.