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The Cherokee Council House

Cherokee Council House

Completed in 2010, our Cherokee Council House is an open-aired heptagonal (seven-sided) building that is a modified representation of the traditional Cherokee Council House. Historically, this style of building provided seven sections of seats within, giving each clan a section for its representatives within the governmental structure. The seven sections of seats surrounded the sacred fire. Our shake shingled, open-roofed council house can easily accommodate over 70 adults in bleacher-styled seating around the central fire ring. This building brings people together like no other, making it the ideal place for an evening worship service around the fire. Seventy voices singing praise to God in this structure penetrates your soul… It’s a powerful spiritual experience!   

The outdoor leadership program utilizes this building as an outdoor classroom during the day,fca but is frequently available to groups when not being used for academic purposes. The Cherokee Council House is the perfect setting for a group vespers, birthday party, or organizational meeting.

For more information, please read our use policy. Contact us if you would like to schedule the council house for your group.