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Engineering Club and Physics Club

What is Physics Club and Engineering Club?

A club on campus typically refers to an organized group of students who share a common interest or goal and come together to engage in related activities. These clubs can cover a wide range of interests, from academic and professional pursuits to cultural, recreational, or social activities.

They often provide opportunities for students to network, learn new skills, and contribute to their campus community. 

Physics Club, also known as the Society of Physics Students (SPS), is a club open to anyone who shares a fascination for physics, experiements, and/or exploring the ways our world functions. 

Engineering Club is a club open to anyone who enjoys innovative thinking, creating things, and working with technology. Not just for department majors!

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Physics Club

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Engineering Club

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Image of Dr. Blake Laing doing a demonstration during the 2024 Eclipse.
Image of two Physics students watching the eclipse
Image of students showing off their mouse trap cars
Image of students on a field trip to the Ocoee Hydro Plant.
Image of Engineering students during a club event
Image of Engineering students after a club event