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What Is Engineering?

Engineering is the art of inventing solutions to real-world challenges in areas of industrial machinery, transportation, power generation, computing, and so much more. With tools from science and mathematics, engineers put their creative abilities to work by designing technologies and systems that improve the world around them. Through their influence on daily life, engineers contribute to the safety and well-being of society while expanding the horizons of the technologically possible. As a result, engineering is a rewarding career with endless opportunities for variety and success.

Is Engineering for me?

Engineering @ Southern

The engineering program at Southern prepares students for rewarding careers in the engineering industry or for future graduate studies. Students gain engineering design experience through interactive and practical labs, industry internships, and capstone projects. Through service-oriented projects, faculty and students at Southern contribute to the well-being of communities.

How do I know if engineering is right for me?

Engineers are known as problem-solvers, who build, design, and create new things as solutions. If you exhibit any of the following:

  • Creative, curious, and technically/analytically-minded
  • Enjoy problem-solvering and being hands on
  • Strong interest in science and math
  • Enjoy multidisciplinary environments and jobs
then engineering could be for you!

Find the concentration that is right for you

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering focuses on the development of the hardware and software components that drive modern technology. In Southern’s computer engineering concentration, students are exposed to microcontrollers, real-time embedded systems, printed circuit board design, computer architecture, digital and analog electronics, robotics, programming, and operating systems.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering focuses on the design and application of equipment related to electricity. In Southern’s electrical engineering concentration, student’s deal with power generation and transmission systems, analog and digital electronics, signal processing, and robotics and electromechanical devices.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering focuses on systems in motion, mechanical engineering investigates topics such as mechanical power transfer, engines, material deformation, heat transfer, and fluid motion. In Southern’s mechanical engineering concentration, students are exposed to a variety of engineering systems encountered in power generation, HVAC, refrigeration, robotics, manufacturing, and many other areas.

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Our Program Educational Objectives

Apply the principles and skills of engineering in professional practice or advanced study. Engage in professional development with intellectual curiosity and discipline. Serve God, family, church, employer, colleagues, and society.

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