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School of Religion


The School of Religion equips students for a variety of professions as pastors, chaplains, teachers, archaeologists, language scholars, and many more.

Southern Adventist University’s School of Religion has comprehensive programs in theology and pastoral care.

Southern Adventist University’s School of Religion has comprehensive programs in theology and pastoral care.

Southern’s undergraduate program in archeology is one of only several in the entire country and the Near Eastern Studies curriculum is one of only three such undergraduate programs in the United States that instruct from a biblical perspective.

The missions major prepares students to serve as cross-cultural or hometown missionaries.

The curriculum is highly practical, with three preaching classes and two evangelism classes.


Beyond the Classroom

Academic programs are complemented with practical learning experiences in the community and beyond.

Institute of Evangelism and World Missions

The Robert H. Pierson Institute is operated under the auspices of the School of Religion. It encourages missions and evangelism through its certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs, as well as its activities in the Evangelistic Resource Center. It also coordinates research in the area of ministry, missions, and evangelism.

Evangelistic Resource Center

The Evangelistic Resource Center (ERC) houses our Summer Evangelism Abroad (SEA) Program, which coordinates and helps sponsor students to preach a full message series in a foreign country as well as here in the homeland. It also houses our Soul-winning and Leadership Training (SALT) Program, a cooperative venture with It Is Written, to train students and laity to share their faith and develop leadership skills.

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Soul-winning and Leadership Training

With Southern's Soul-winning and Leadership Training program, you'll gain experience winning others to Christ and become a leader in evangelism, no matter what your future career

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Institute of Archeology

The Institute of Archaeology, under the auspices of the School of Religion, is an academic unit that coordinates the archaeological programs of Southern Adventist University through an undergraduate academic degree, the Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum, the William G. Dever Research Library, and the Institute’s archaeological excavations and publications.

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Institute for the Study of Ellen White & Adventist Heritage

The mission of the Institute is to heighten awareness and appreciation for how the Lord has blessed the Seventh-day Adventist Church with the gift of prophecy, as manifested through the ministry of Ellen White, and for His providential leading in the founding and development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Alumni Voices

Ben Crerar and Billy Freck describe how their religion degree at Southern prepared them for a fulfilling life of purpose and ministry. They look back at specific classes and moments in their education and how they are still applying those insights in their careers today.


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