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BA Missions

Missions Program Objectives:

  • To provide a biblical and theological foundation, as well as practical experience, in the area of missions.
  • To provide training in missions to students who are involved in pre-professional programs.
  • To prepare graduates to serve the church more effectively.

Admission to the Missions Program 

  • The Missions major is a liberal arts major for students interested in preparing for medicine, law, development, education, and other graduate studies.
  • It aims to prepare students to serve as cross-cultural missionaries, as well as to engage in missional living in their local communities. It also helps prepare students for graduate studies in missiology, anthropology, and intercultural studies.
  • It provides the fundamentals of both biblical and theological studies and practical experience. The four-year degree candidate may apply the required 12 hours of general education courses in religion toward the hours for the major.

Required Courses

  • RELB 125 Life & Teachings of Jesus
  • RELB 245 Old Testament Studies I OR RELB 246 Old Testament Studies II
  • RELB 425 Studies in Daniel (writing course)
  • RELB 426 Studies in Revelation
  • RELB 435 New Testament Studies I OR RELB 436 New Testament Studies II
  • RELP 264 Christian Witnessing
  • RELP 291 Practicum (home missions)*
  • RELP 391 Practicum (overseas missions)** OR NOND 226 Christ Service (SERV-2)
  • RELP 340 World Missions
  • RELP 405 Evangelistic Preaching
  • RELP 468 Health Evangelism
  • RELT 255 Christian Beliefs
  • RELT 458 World Religions (writing class)
  • NOND 099 Student Missions Orientation

Required Cognates

  • COMM 330 Intercultural Communication (writing course)*** 
  • SOCI 150 Cultural Anthropology 
  • Intermediate Foreign Language

*The candidate for this degree must complete this practicum by taking a one-hour missions practicum in the United States.

**The candidate for this degree must complete this practicum by conducting an evangelistic series outside North America under the supervision of the Evangelistic Resource Center.

***These courses require admission to the Student Missions program and successful completion of one academic year of student mission experience.

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