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AA Religion

Evangelist Program Objectives:

  • To provide courses in biblical and theological studies that will give the student a foundational knowledge of Scripture.
  • To provide instructional and practical experience in the student’s chosen emphasis.
  • To prepare students to function within the context and structure of church organization. 
  • To prepare students to be effective in lay ministry as a Bible instructor or literature evangelist.

Admission to the Bible Instructor or Literature Evangelist Program

  • The Bible worker and literature evangelist program is a 64-hour, two-year degree leading to an AA in Religion.
  • Students wishing to be recommended for employment as Bible instructors or literature evangelists must be approved by the School of Religion. The School of Religion cannot recommend for employment anyone whose course of study has been inadequate or unapproved.

Core Courses

RELB 125 Life and Teachings of Jesus
RELB 245 Old Testament Studies I OR RELB 246 Old Testament Studies II
RELB 435 New Testament Studies I OR RELB 436 New Testament Studies II
RELP 361 Personal Evangelism I
RELP 362 Personal Evangelism II
RELT 138 Adventist Heritage
RELT 177 Christian Spirituality 
RELT 255 Christian Beliefs

Choose one concentration:

Bible Instructor

RELB 425 Studies in Daniel
       OR RELB 426 Studies in Revelation
RELP 291 Practicum 
RELP 321 Intro to Biblical Preaching
RELP 270 Interpersonal Ministry

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Literature Evangelist

COMM 406 Persuasion and Propaganda
PREL 291/391 Practicum OR PREL 492 Public Relations Internship 

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Required Cognate for Both Concentrations: 

PSYC 122 General Psychology OR PSYC 128 Developmental Psychology