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Graphic Design Internship Forms

BFA graphic design majors are required to complete an approved field internship consisting of at least 180 work hours per credit hour. Internships must be preapproved by the Internship coordinator before proceeding.

Application and Approval Process

Once you have identified an internship opportunity you will need to fill out the Internship Application form. The coordinator will contact you to notify you of approval for the internship and register you for the required course, ARTG 492 - Graphic Design Internship. 

Employer  & Student Evaluation
At the conclusion of the internship you will need to fill out the Student Evaluation form and contact your workplace supervisor to request their evaluation of your work performance. The content of the Employer Evaluation form will be kept confidential between your workplace supervisor and the internship coordinator.

Documentation of Hours Worked
All work hours counting toward the total 180 hours must be documented. It is your responsibility to record these hours with approval from your internship supervisor. Hours must be submitted in written form. Paycheck stubs, countersigned work logs, or time sheets are suitable forms of documentation.

Once all forms and work documentation have been submitted and processed the Internship Coordinator will submit your grade to the Records office. 
Internship Application

Employer Evaluation
Thank you for the time and energy spent teaching our students during their internship. In order to determine the student's progress and assign a grade we need to gather some information about their performance. Please fill out the form below, providing your contact information and and an  an evaluation of the student's work. Your responses will be kept confidential between you and the internship coordinator.

Supervisor Contact Information
Provide a letter grade based on your evaluation of the intern's performance.

Student Evaluation