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Web and New Media

What is web and new media?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web and New Media at Southern Adventist University prepares students to design digital experiences. Graduates are equipped with the tools and practice  needed to create the interfaces we interact with on a daily basis for information, communication, and entertainment. Whether it’s a website, payment kiosk, or the next social media platform, the success of these interfaces relies on the expertise of designers who are able to thoroughly research user needs and develop creative solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Who should study web and new media?

Students in the Web and New Media program have a love for both the aesthetic and analytical. They are interested in the conceptual and creative process of design, are curious about researching the psychology of user behavior, and find satisfaction in the challenge of coding effective prototypes. Graduates can expect to work in the areas of User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), and front-end development:

UX Design. User-experience design (UX) is the process of designing interactive products that are meaningful and easy to use while providing delightful interaction. Students learn research techniques grounded in design thinking, psychology, and empathy and develop solutions to serve the needs of specific users.

UI Design.
User-interface design (UI) is the visual design of interactive displays. The information gathered through UX research informs the design decisions made by students in the process of developing structure, style, and functionality of interfaces. 

Front-end Development.
Software and coding technologies are the tools necessary for building interactive products. Students master essential coding languages including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Paired with a solid background in design foundations and UX design, the designer’s skill set expands from research, planning, and implementing visual design of user interfaces to coded prototypes ready for handoff to back-end developers.

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