Extension Courses for Dual Enrollment


Southern is pleased to offer more than 20 college courses to high school juniors and seniors. These freshman-level university courses enable students to come to Southern with an advantage by already having some college credit. This helps students advance more quickly, or take a lighter load and adjust to college without feeling as if they are getting behind. 

Courses Taught on Academy Campuses

Dual enrollment students have taken the following extension courses taught on their campus for college credit:

  • College Writing, ENGL-101
  • Music in Western Culture, MUHL-115
  • Health for Life, HLED-173
  • Personal Finance, BUAD-128
  • American History I, HIST-154
  • Intro to Psychology, PSYC 122
  • Anatomy & Physiology I, BIOL-101
  • Earth Science, ERSC-105
  • Pre-Calculus Algebra, MATH-120
  • Pre-Calculus Trigonometry, MATH-121
  • Intro to Sociology, SOCI-125
  • Survey of Math, MATH-111

We invite you to consider a partnership with Southern Adventist University by making extension courses available on your campus during the upcoming school year. If you already offer extension courses, you may want to explore increasing the extension course offerings. If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach Volker Henning at 423.236.2912 or henning@southern.edu or Monya Khan at 423.236.2803 or mkhan@southern.edu.

Dual Enrollment Through Southern Online Campus

Other students have taken advantage of our online campus courses and enrolled in courses such as Life and Teachings of Jesus, Developmental Psychology, and College Writing. Southern Online Campus courses are taught by Southern's professors. For more information on online campus courses, visit Online Campus or email at online@southern.edu.

Join the Program

If you are interested in offering an extension course at your academy, please view the Extension Course Procedures document. A link to the forms is available here, as well - Extension Course Request Forms.

Send your extension course request and any documentation to Monya Khan at mkhan@southern.edu

Academies Currently in the Extension Course Program: